Introduction: Lego Robots

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Hello, WilliamJT here and as you might know I Love LEGOs, so today I am going show you how to make my favorite lego robots!

Step 1: The Normal Robot

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So lets start with the normal robot (its easy so don't worry)!

Step 2: Get the Pieces

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Lets start by getting the pieces.

Step 3: The Body

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First build the body.

Step 4: Get the Hands and Head

Picture of Get the Hands and Head

Then grab the hands and the head

Step 5: Assembly

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Your almost done!!!

Step 6: DONE With the First One

Picture of DONE With the First One

YAY you have completed the First Robot!

moving on!!!! :D

Step 7:

Step 8: Now a Hard One

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Here is the hardest one the Cooking Robot!!!

Step 9: Get the Pieces

Picture of Get the Pieces

Step 10:

Picture of

Step 11:

Picture of

Step 12:

Picture of

Step 13: Assembly

Picture of  Assembly

Step 14: DONE With 2nd One

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Yay one more to go!!!

Step 15: The Fixer Robot

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Now for the easiest Robot, the Fixer Robot

Step 16: Pieces/assembly

Picture of Pieces/assembly

Step 17: Done!!!!!

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Now your Done!!!

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