This is a fun way to hide money and keys. The lego safe can be very large or pretty small, it can be a sky scraper, a car, a house... it just depends how you want it and the limits are endless!

You'll need these things;

some lego bricks

money, key, or something you want to stick in there


Step 1: Build Your Structure

First find what you want to hide, then grab some legos. You can copy my structure if you like, or create something new! I think if you build a big tower and hide some money in there it will be completely unexpected. I think if you hide it in a lego set that would also be very clever too!

Step 2: Place It!

Now you can place it on a desk, bedroom, play-room, and so on! Just keep it away from little kids or they might break it! Thank you for taking a look at this instructable and remember to vote!

<p>so cute</p>
<p>Haha, nice!</p>
<p>its awesome my little brother couldn't get in to my lego safe</p>

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