Introduction: Lego Safe for Minifigures

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This is a perfect small safe to hold some coins or bills for your minifigures. LETS GET STARTED!

Step 1: First the Base

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The taller 2x1 blocks can be replaced with two regular ones stacked up. Then place them like so.


Picture of NEXT IS THE TOP

You know the drill.

Step 3: And Now the Door

Picture of And Now the Door

Same idea follow the pictures

Step 4: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

Put all of the above together

Step 5: Optional Extra Touch

Picture of Optional Extra Touch

If you stack a flat piece on a stud and put in like so, I can act as a place to easily put the money although sacrificing a little space inside.

Step 6: YA DUN SUN!

Picture of YA DUN SUN!

That finishes your fully functional minifigure money safe.

However that safe won't be safe if my next creation is used. You'll just have to wait and see what it is!

But that's all of my time today guys, don't forget to favorite if you liked it and follow for more. Plus be sure to leave a comment for a suggestion of what you want my to build, and if I choose your idea, I will feature your username in the title as a special thanks. That's all for today guys. BUILD ON!!


Nice! You should enter the lego contest!

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