Introduction: Lego Secret Compartment

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In 5 minutes you could build yourself a Lego secret compartment that you can keep in plain sight.

Step 1: Materials

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2 1x2 smooth pieces
12 1x4 pieces
12 1x6 pieces
2 4x4 flat pieces
1  6x6 flat piece
2 2x4 pieces
1 2x2 piece
4 1x2x5 (these pieces are 5 tall. if you cant find these pieces you could just use 1x2s.)

Try to use ans many of the same color as possible so it will look more realistic.

WARNING: be sure to read the annotations

Step 2: Base

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First take the 1 x 2 smooth pieces and place them one in from the corner like shone below.  

Step 3: Walls

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Make sure the walls are 6 blocks high.(not including the baceplate.)

Step 4: The Compartment

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Step 5: Use

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To use it put money,a key or a ring in it. now just slip the two parts together and your done! The best part about this is that you can put it in plain sight!


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