Lego Simple Bathroom Sink & Toilet




Introduction: Lego Simple Bathroom Sink & Toilet

Today, I am going to show you how to make a basic sink and toilet from a bathroom. There aren't that many pieces in these builds but I'm probably going to do a lot of bigger ones. I already have some in mind. But anyways...

Step 1: The Pieces for the Sink

What you will need is:

• 1 2x2 brick

• 2 1x1 corner pieces

• 1 1x2 plate with one stud in the middle

• 1 faucet-type piece

Step 2: The Sink Process

Add the 1x2 middle-studded plate onto the 2x2. Next, put on the corner pieces and the faucet.

Step 3: The Pieces for the Toilet

What you need:

• 1 2x3 upward slope

• 1 1x2 plate

• 1 1x2 middle-studded plate

• 1 2x2 round tile

• 1 stud

Step 4: The Toilet Process

First things first, put the 1x2 plate onto the back of the upward slope. Then, place the 1x2 middle-studded plate on top of the regular plate. Finally, add on the circular tile and the stud as shown above.

Step 5: Yaaaaaaay!

The sink and the toilet is done so you can just plop them into your Lego bathroom. I hope you have fun making them!



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