This Lego looks looks simple and sweet.

Keep in mind that you need to follow the instructions.

Building level- easy

Part count- 50+

Step 1: Walls

Build all of these and put them together.

Reminder! : Pieces do not have to be the same color.

Step 2: Windows

Build this.

Step 3: Base

Build this.

Reminder! : Pieces do not have to be the same color or order!

Step 4: Conjoin

Conjoin the three main parts together!

Step 5: Front Lawn

Build this

Reminder! : More lawn features can be added, so can the order of the pieces.

Step 6: Interior Design

You can place where you want anything.

Be sure to make it correctly!

Step 7: The End

And there you have it, a nice, cute, and simple home that is easy to make.

You can make other details and such if you really want to.

Thanks for using!
<p>Nice house! Favorited. :-)</p>
<p>Awe, thank you.</p><p>(:</p>
<p>You're welcome! :-)</p>

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