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Introduction: Lego Smart Car

In this instructable I will show you how to build a "Lego Smart Car".

Step 1: Getting the Materials

What You need is....

4-------Small Wheels With Tires (Black Tires And White Wheels)
3-------4X2 Thin Blocks (White Blocks)
2-------4X2 Thin Wheel Covers (White Covers)
2-------2X2 Thin, Square Wheel Connectors (Gray Connectors)
2-------90 Degree, Thin 3 Dot Blocks, L-Shaped (White Blocks)
2-------1 Dot, Clearish Blocks (Clear/Green Blocks)
1-------4X4 Thin Block (White Block)
1-------4X4 Hood Block (White Block)
1-------See Picture For this Piece

Step 2: Building - Part 1

Put The tires on the wheels, and the Wheels on the Wheel Connectors.

Step 3: Building - Part 2

Connect The two parts you just made with a Thin 2X4 on to of them.

Step 4: Building - Part 3

Add the two wheel covers to the car.

Step 5: Building - Part 4

Connect The top of the Wheel covers With one 2X4.

Step 6: Building - Part 5

Add the 4X4 on top.

Step 7: Building - Part 6

Add the last 2X4 to the back of the car parallel to the wheels.

Step 8: Building - Part 7

add the two l shaped pieces leaving the corners open

Step 9: Building - Part 8

add the two green pieces in the corners.

Step 10: Building - Part 9

add the piece that i don't know what its called to back of the car.

Step 11: Building - Part 10

add the hood and your done.

Step 12: The Uses of This Car

There are many uses for this car here are some pictures of some.



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This isn't a Smart Car - it's too big!


Thats what she said

 Wow kiteman.. LOL

Love it! I had to use it in a project for school. (I'm in 4th grade.)

i am going to post a smart car you can put your lego peeps in