Picture of Lego Smart Car
In this instructable I will show you how to build a "Lego Smart Car".
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Step 1: Getting The materials

Picture of Getting The materials
What You need is....

4-------Small Wheels With Tires (Black Tires And White Wheels)
3-------4X2 Thin Blocks (White Blocks)
2-------4X2 Thin Wheel Covers (White Covers)
2-------2X2 Thin, Square Wheel Connectors (Gray Connectors)
2-------90 Degree, Thin 3 Dot Blocks, L-Shaped (White Blocks)
2-------1 Dot, Clearish Blocks (Clear/Green Blocks)
1-------4X4 Thin Block (White Block)
1-------4X4 Hood Block (White Block)
1-------See Picture For this Piece

Step 2: Building - Part 1

Picture of Building - Part 1
Put The tires on the wheels, and the Wheels on the Wheel Connectors.

Step 3: Building - Part 2

Picture of Building - Part 2
Connect The two parts you just made with a Thin 2X4 on to of them.

Step 4: Building - Part 3

Picture of Building - Part 3
Add the two wheel covers to the car.

Step 5: Building - Part 4

Picture of Building - Part 4
Connect The top of the Wheel covers With one 2X4.

Step 6: Building - Part 5

Picture of Building - Part 5
Add the 4X4 on top.

Step 7: Building - Part 6

Picture of Building - Part 6
Add the last 2X4 to the back of the car parallel to the wheels.

Step 8: Building - Part 7

Picture of Building - Part 7
add the two l shaped pieces leaving the corners open

Step 9: Building - Part 8

Picture of Building - Part 8
add the two green pieces in the corners.

Step 10: Building - Part 9

Picture of Building - Part 9
add the piece that i don't know what its called to back of the car.

Step 11: Building - Part 10

Picture of Building - Part 10
add the hood and your done.

Step 12: The uses of this car

Picture of The uses of this car
There are many uses for this car here are some pictures of some.
WAFFLES992 months ago

nice!!! good job!

Kiteman5 years ago
This isn't a Smart Car - it's too big!

brubano Kiteman5 months ago
Thats what she said
 Wow kiteman.. LOL


i am going to post a smart car you can put your lego peeps in

peepee43 years ago
Maxaxle4 years ago
Looks cramped.
TSC5 years ago
TigerNod5 years ago
Hm... Not bad, could be better.
KnexFreek5 years ago
 cool car :)