Lego Solder Spool + Wick Holder





Introduction: Lego Solder Spool + Wick Holder

Legos seem to solve most of life's problems.  My problem was keeping my solder spool and solder wick handy and neat, and Legos came to the rescue just as expected.  Using a plate for the base and building sides up, I built cross members to hold the solder spool and guide, and a wheel on an axle affixed to the spool's cross member to attach my solder wick.  It's a simple solution that works perfectly for me and I suspect it will work quite nicely for you, too!

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I luv this! But I am getting some soldering "wick" but I don't know what it's used for. Can u tell me? Thanks

Thanks! Soldering wick is used for desoldering, in a process by which you melt the solder with the wick between the iron and the solder, so that the solder is "sucked up" into the wick. I hardly ever use mine, honestly, because a traditional solder sucker does the job better in most cases.