Picture of Lego Sonic Screwdriver
This will show you how to make a life sized Sonic screwdriver prop from Dr. Who out of of Lego!

The steps are in the photos, Ive highlighted the things you need to add.
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Step 1: Pieces

Picture of Pieces
Here's a list of pieces needed to make this.

Step 4: Finish Head

Next the lower part of the head. (or the wave prism if you want to get technical)

You'll be adding on to the handle here, and add the tip at the end of the step.

Step 6: Done!

Picture of Done!
Now you're done! opens Lego doors only
grimlock09 made it!1 month ago
I love it
A little different but my son is happy. thanks for the inspiration!!
kadendurrant4 months ago
sickest thing EVER!!! I live and breathe Doctor Who
You think the doctor would have time to figure out how to make his screwdriver work on wood.

I made it but I could only find one of the gears so it doesn't look as cool.

Wanye: We're not worthy!

Garth: We suck!

Wayne: We're scum!

You are inspiring, thank you monsterlego.

Adika Briikase made it!7 months ago

Finally! Took my a goddamn long time to find all the pieces xD

Love the result

Screenshot - 25_07.png
TheDoctor137 months ago

What length is it supposed to be? about 6 inches?

sarahc19941 year ago

i'm having trouble finding the 12 tooth corner gears, do you know their parts number? or a suitable replacement? thanks.

die potato1 year ago
bill81881 year ago
ThePie1 year ago
This is L.A.M.E.
Yes, we know but monsterlego made the 10th Doctor's sonic screwdriver.
Thats not what the sonic screw driver looks like any more.
monsterlego (author)  PotatoCoffee2 years ago
This is mark 5
you could also make lightsabers from this only make it a bit bigger
iproberry12 years ago
This is E.P.I.C. for:
E xcelent
P leasent
I ncredible
C ool/N/awesome
peyton142 years ago
nice am i able to upload my models to?
Konradecai2 years ago
Very detailed for Lego, good job