This will show you how to make a life sized Sonic screwdriver prop from Dr. Who out of of Lego!

The steps are in the photos, Ive highlighted the things you need to add.

Step 1: Pieces

Here's a list of pieces needed to make this.
This is L.A.M.E. <br/>Literally<br/>Awesome<br/>Majestic<br/>Epic
<p>i made my own but better</p>
This is a awesome project! I don't think I could have ever thought of something like this.
sickest thing EVER!!! I live and breathe Doctor Who
<p>I wonder if you could fit a little bit of replaceable lead inside and make it into a bit of a pencil...</p>
I love it
A little different but my son is happy. thanks for the inspiration!!
You think the doctor would have time to figure out how to make his screwdriver work on wood.
<p> </p><p>I made it but I could only find one of the gears so it doesn't look as cool.</p><p>Wanye: We're not worthy!</p><p>Garth: We suck!</p><p>Wayne: We're scum!</p><p>You are inspiring, thank you monsterlego.</p>
<p>Finally! Took my a goddamn long time to find all the pieces xD</p><p>Love the result</p>
<p>What length is it supposed to be? about 6 inches?</p>
<p>i'm having trouble finding the 12 tooth corner gears, do you know their parts number? or a suitable replacement? thanks.</p>
Yes, we know but monsterlego made the 10th Doctor's sonic screwdriver.
Thats not what the sonic screw driver looks like any more.
This is mark 5
you could also make lightsabers from this only make it a bit bigger
This is E.P.I.C. for:<br> <strong>E</strong> xcelent<br> <strong>P</strong> leasent<br> <strong>I</strong> ncredible<br> <strong>C</strong> ool/N/awesome
nice am i able to upload my models to?
Very detailed for Lego, good job

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