Picture of Lego Space Invader Belt
This is a idea that I got when i saw a belt buckle that was just Legos stuck together in a square formation. But I wanted something a little more creative so I made my own and though I would share it with you

thing your going to need
1. legos
2. drill
3. cloth belt
4. super glue
5. nail
6. candle
7. thread and needle
8. screw and a loop or a coat hanger

Step 1: Brick Formation

Picture of Brick Formation
take your legos, what ever color you want and make a space invader of any kind, i picked this one because i thought it would work as a belt the best
abran54 years ago
made on for my lego mall
famo994 years ago
Has any one else noticed that all the photos where hes wearing the belt, its orange, but for all the others its red?
I just made one, and it is AWESOME!!! :D thanks alot for the instructable
Just made it Looks awesome! Cool instructable
THECHINABOY5 years ago
could you do bat man?
cool is there any way to modify it to mak it work on a regular changable buckle belt?
this is an great idea i'll try
M1dN1ght5 years ago
I am soooo trying this, now... I need to find a belt to sacrifice o.o I think ill go buy a cheap one, like this one, but black, u know any places?
PandaMania (author)  M1dN1ght5 years ago
Not really, I'd try a Good Will store
THANKS SoOo much for puttin' this up, btw ur belt looks awesome!
thank you
MTown336 years ago
Is There Any Way You Can Send Me A Pic Of That Drawing..... I Have Poor Lego Skills lmao
PandaMania (author)  MTown336 years ago
sorry i don't have them anymore, i just eyeballed it
GTRPLR19956 years ago
Great job. I made it and my parents thought it was cool.
mastronso6 years ago
thanks... by the way don't you have any more ideas for lego belts like this one??
PandaMania (author)  mastronso6 years ago
I do but I'm still making them, I'm thinking about making a pac man goats
oh my god you have to make ethier blinky or pinky. i want to make one of the invader(love that game)and the ghosts(lol you spelled goats. mah ah ah ah ah.).
PandaMania (author)  pandaboy2926 years ago
lol so i did, my friend is in the midst of makeing a triforce one its guna be chill
i just finished the space invader. i didn't have enough 2 wides so i used a few 1 wides.i took it apart 7 times to move pieces to make it work. it looks exactaly like yours. and i had an idea. a lego panda head buckle. pandas rock!
lowercase6 years ago
Cool Instructable! Thanks Here´s another variation.
PandaMania (author)  lowercase6 years ago
nice, i like the fact that he has eyes
whos pants are those? lol jkjk this is pretty sweet actually i am gonna make one
mastronso6 years ago
where do you get that loop??
i don't know what is!! can yoou please help me??
PandaMania (author)  mastronso6 years ago
I made it out of a wire hanger, I just cut off a small piece
jao.6 years ago
Thats cool.
Seen it before but not space invaders.

More ideas here

PandaMania (author)  jao.6 years ago
that's chill, i wana make more now
reedz6 years ago
"Lego dust, don't breathe this" Totally from Will It Blend
PandaMania (author)  reedz6 years ago
yeah lol
Doctor What6 years ago
It's simple, and it's awesome.
Not a bad idea. You can defiantly use other characters too (for some reason Yoshi comes to mind). I wonder though, could you use a leather studded belt or does it need to be more flexible than that?
lol nice. the instructable looks nice and thorough as well.