Here is an instructable on how to make your own, homemade spinning top.

Step 1: Pieces

You will notice I use Lego dots on the bricks as measurement so just remember if I say something like 5x5 I mean 5 dots by 5 dots. So you will need...

one 8x8 flat piece (or a 3D piece)
two 6x6 flat pieces
one 4x4 flat piece
one 2x2 flat piece
one 1 dot (circular)
two 2x2 3D pieces
I would have no idea it is a SPINNING top! Thanx for for putting it there! ^_^<br><br>Nice Instructable!
Pretty inovative.
You could make a dreidel!
This is a very nice project. I used it for my science project. One problem: it does not spin for a whole lot of time. But it is still a very good project.

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