Picture of Lego Star Wars Animation II
This is the second Lego animation I have done, and is a sequel, and second of hopefully a trilogy I can complete in the next few weeks. This animation uses  a large portion of features used in the first animation, that can be accessed from this link:

It is recommended that you see the first Instructable so that you get the basics of what is needed.

Step 1: Changes

Picture of Changes
I consider this animation to be an improvement over the first one in various ways, all the way from the fighting to the camera shots.

The fighting takes up the majority of the animation, and is much faster paced than the last episode's fight scenes.

mikeasaurus2 years ago
Oh, silly Boba Fett - always fumbling up a takedown of Rebel scum.
tayeden2 years ago
Great animation ! :)
nice animation i enjoyed the sound effects and the nick maurice in the credit i wonder who that probably handsome and extremely buff guy is
i know nick he sure is awesome