Picture of Lego Star Wars Final Animation
This is the final animation in the Brick Wars trilogy.
These are links to the first two Instructables, featuring the first two animations.



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Step 1: The Final Chapter

Picture of The Final Chapter
After completing two animations in the Brick Wars universe, I realized I needed to complete it, and finish the series once and for all. Before I sell the rights to Disney to make more.

Step 2: Changes

Picture of Changes
While the filming itself was nothing new, the credits were changed significantly.
Instead of using the Star Wars style opening crawl, I used something similar to the end credits, with the titles fading in and out with a starry background.
I found the random starry background on the internet, and used stills in the credits instead of the crawl. I used a normal fade at the beginning and end of each title.

*note - Brick Wars did not feature Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, or Carrie Fisher.

Step 3: Special Thanks to Everyone

Picture of Special Thanks to Everyone
I would personally like to thank everyone who helped me:
Nick Maurice
Connor Ordish
Garrett Harvey
Mr. Noack, my teacher who was the key to my animation's success.

And to anyone else who watched, liked or commented on my videos.

Step 4: The Movie: Featuring End Product Credits (for episodes 1, 2, and 3)


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