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Introduction: Lego Star Wars Mural

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I wanted to share this project with the Instructables community as I'm really proud of the way it came out. Months ago it started with a concept drawing and since then has progressed to a completed project. My son is really into Star Wars, and Lego Star Wars, so my friend Bobnsteve (aka Steve Daniel) and I decided to do a 3D mural.

The mural is airbrushed on 4 separate 1/4" MDF panels. The hands are 3" pieces of PVC styled to match a Lego character hand. The cool part is that they double as holders for three removable light sabers.

The planet is painted on the back of a piece of plexiglass with a styrofoam plate cut for backing. Behind it are three LED light bars (from Sparkfun) with a cord running through the wall to a transformed below. A future enhancement will be a switch or dark activate circuit.

I can't take credit for the artwork -- Steve is an extremely talented airbrush artist (and it shows).



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    this is so cool I'm only 10 and I'm gonna try to do it

    That is sooo cool

    Wow that is awesome. Really beautiful job!

    Beautiful work. I like that you guys painted on MDF. Makes it nice if you have to move or your son gets in to pirate Legos (my childhood obsession).