A model I made a while back out of various parts from different kits.  This would function better as a plane than a spaceship but the idea of it being a spaceship sounds cooler.  
This took me around 2-3 hrs to make and I might have to take it apart to clear up space.  

The stand was make from my other model, of the Space Shuttle, https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-Space-Shuttle-model-out-of-recycled-/

Thanks for viewing this Instructable. 
Awesome am a huge lego geek
Thanks! I am sure what you make is a lot more advanced and cooler than what I make haha. :)
Were these ment to fly
Sadly no, but it was meant to fly in the realm where the rules of physics and fluid dynamics can be ignored...

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