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Hi! In this constructable I'll be showing you how to make a Lego stoplight.

Step 1: Supplies:

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You'll need:
•9 1x1 round bricks
•3 1x1 bricks with stud on side
•6 1x1 round plates
•4 1x2 tiles (vents)
•3 1x1 round plates: red, green and yellow
•A 1x1x9 antenna
•A 2x2 dish
•A 1x1 brick with studs on all sides
•A tube
•A lever
•A 1x1 thingy that hangs over brick...

Step 2: Step1:

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Place a 1x1 round plate and the dish on top. And then the 1x1 brick with studs on all sides.Then a round brick and a plate. Repeat until you have 3 round bricks left and no round plates.

Step 3: Step 2:

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Add the three last round bricks. Add the hanging thing to the top of the "tower" and attach the antenna sideways.

Step 4: Step 3:

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Stack the three 1x1 bricks with the studs on the side and add the lever on top. And place the three "lights" vertically.
Add this to the end of the tube

Step 5: Final

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Place the vents on the base of the pole and your done!


LambdaLegoMan (author)2014-10-02

No problem!

seamster (author)2014-10-02

Nicely done. Thanks for sharing this!

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