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You want to make a Lego storehouse? Good

Step 1:

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He will need all of these pieces

Step 2:

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Put both of the toilet pieces together With a double piece under it

Step 3:

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Put a door on it

Step 4:

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Put two Lego columns on both sides of the door

Step 5:

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Put a 4x2 piece on the top to reinforce Your storehouse

Step 6:

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Then put a 2 x 2 piece on the left of the 4 x 2 piece

Step 7:

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Put the 2 x 2 piece on the right of the 4 x 4 piece. You are done. Hooray!!!


kortus (author)2014-01-14

Did not!

hkortus (author)2013-10-21

You know you
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