Picture of Lego Stud Bracelet
These bracelets only use 1x2 plates and some studs and are super quick and easy to make. You can customize them with your favorite colors and can even make them taller for a cuff bracelet too! 

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Step 1:

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All you need to make a basic Lego Bracelet is:
-27 studs
-27 1x2 plates

Step 2:

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Make 9 sets of 3 1x2 plates, staggered as shown in the first picture.

Add a stud under the top plate and middle plate.

Connect the bottom brick of a second set of 3 plates onto the top stud. 

Add a third stud between the top two plates.

Repeat this pattern to make one long strip. 

Step 3:

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Once you've used up all 27 plates and studs, bend the strip into a circle shape. Connect the two ends. Wear and enjoy! 
MIK3 H2 years ago
Now I've seen many of ur fanominal creations but this one really blew me away! Nice work!
1999alex2 years ago
so awesome! i am making one for my sister.
Vahyla3 years ago
PAB didn't have too many options for studs, just florescent green and florescent orange. But I thought it looked kind of like flowers together, so why not.

Also found another possible version for making a charm bracelet, with the handlebar looking pieces and the hooks and thought it might be of interest to you. =)
Awesome! I could not tell this was legos from just looking at the picture! Great idea :)
Vahyla3 years ago
Now how am I supposed to keep from running off to the Lego store tomorrow after seeing something so pretty? It's a short bus ride and it's my day off... argh, temptation!
sherrycayheyhey (author)  Vahyla3 years ago
Well if you have a Lego store that close to you there should never be anything keeping you from going lol! Those of us who are lucky enough to live near a Lego store have the beautiful PAB wall to choose from which always warrants a trip in :)
I don't know if I can brave the mega mall on Sunday. But Monday is also "weekend" for me... so we'll see. My roommate is obsessed with Lego blocks and has a car which makes that trip even closer. ;D
monsterlego3 years ago
sherrycayheyhey (author)  monsterlego3 years ago
Thanks, you always see my new project so soon after I post them :)