Picture of Lego Swimming Pool
Here are step by step instructions to build a swimming pool and diving board out of basic lego pieces. Pictures are also available for your convenience.
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Step 1: Step 1- Building the perimeter of the pool

Picture of Step 1- Building the perimeter of the pool
On 16 X 16 green platform build the perimeter of the pool by using white Lego pieces. The perimeter should be 10 X 16 using pieces 2 spaces wide (see picture). Make the perimeter 2 blocks tall. Note: Keep an opening 7 spaces in on both sides that is 2X2. This will be used for the diving board!

Step 2: Add Water (blue Legos)

Picture of Add Water (blue Legos)
Add blue Legos inside the white Legos. It is important that the blue Legos are only one block tall compared to the perimeter that is two blocks tall. Note: It is up to the builder to decide which individual Legos to build with. As long as the final dimensions are correct. 

Step 3: Construction Diving Board

Picture of Construction Diving Board
In the open space on the side of the triangle insert 2X2 yellow Legos 4 blocks tall. Connect 2 of the short 1X4 black Legos to the top of the yellow Legos so that 2 spaces are extended past and over the "water"

Step 4: Building the Stairs

Picture of Building the Stairs
In the space directly adjacent to the yellow Legos, place 2X2 red Legos 3 blocks tall. Connect a 1X2 on top of the third block closest to the yellow Lego (see picture for clearer detail).

Step 5: Finishing on Stairs

Picture of Finishing on Stairs
To finish the stairs to the diving board, place two (2) 1X2 red Legos on top of each other behind the 3 Lego tall structure already in place. Finish by placing one more 1X2 red Lego in the spot directly behind the structure just added.