Introduction: Lego Technic Spider-Man Web Shooter Functional!

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Hey guys, today I have made a Lego Technic Spider-Man Web Shooter that actually fires web!

To follow the instructions just look at the pictures and read the notes.


Step 1: The Pieces You Will Need

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These are all the pieces you need. The color of your pieces doesn't matter one bit as long as they are the same type of piece. (except for the tan 1x3 connectors these are made to have less friction with other pieces)

Step 2: Base of the Shooter

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Step 3:

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Step 4:

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Step 5:

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Step 6:

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Step 7:

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Step 8:

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Step 9:

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For the shooter to properly attach to your wrist, the rubber band in front needs to be completely wrapped around both of the 1x15s as pictured above.

Step 10: Mechanism Setup

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Step 11:

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Step 12:

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Step 13: Pressure Plate

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Step 14:

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Step 15:

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Step 16: Rubber Band Pegs

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When the rubber band is around your wrist, it should be in front of the pegs so that it doesn't handicap the mechanism.

Step 17:

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Step 18: Projectile Holder

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This is on the end of the 1x15.

Step 19:

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Step 20:

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Step 21:

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Step 22: Web Spool (Optional)

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Make sure your thread is over 3 feet. (it doesn't have to be white)

Step 23:

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When the thread is laid over a hole, the 1x3 pegs are used to stuff it in with them.

Step 24:

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Step 25:

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Step 26:

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Step 27:

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Step 28: Mounting

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Step 29: Projectile

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This projectile should be attached on the end opposite of the spool.

Step 30:

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Step 31:

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Step 32: Spool Setup

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Step 33:

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Step 34: Detensioning

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The 1x2 technic piece centered in the first picture is a kind of kickstand. The thread needs to be loose for firing, the "kickstand" is very important to the firing of the shooter. The stand should be facing towards the technic piece underneath it when you are winding the thread on. After you are done with putting the thread on, flip the stand around so that the thread on the spool becomes loose. The stand should be facing forward so that the thread doesn't get caught on it. The bottom of the spool should be facing at a slightly steeper angle than the base of the shooter for the best firing results.

Step 35: Firing Preparation

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The projectile sits in the crook of the L shaped technic piece. (make sure the black axle attached to the tip of the throwing arm is beneath the 1x15)

Step 36:

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Step 37:

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Step 38:

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Step 39:

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Put the second rubber band on your right or left wrist, then attach the shooter onto your wrist and use the second rubber band to attach the back of the shooter to your wrist.

Step 40:

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Step 41: Mounted!

Picture of Mounted!

Step 42: Have Fun!

I'm sorry if you have a hard time figuring out how to use the shooter. There is only so much that I can explain in writing and pictures.

Hope you enjoy!


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inconceivable1 (author)2017-09-07

cool! lego is hard to explain

Thanks! If you like it vote for it in the plastics contest! :)

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