Introduction: Lego Technic Inline 2 Engine

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Hello I am back with another instructable and this time I will show you how to make a mini Lego Technic inline 2 engine

Step 1: Get the Parts

Picture of Get the Parts

You will need
2, beams (any size)
3 ,axles (minimum lenth shown in picture 2)
2 ,L shaped beams (the ones in the picture)
2 ,cylinder things(the grey things on the right)
10 ,black friction pins
2 ,small pulleys (the yellow wheel like things)
1, 8 tooth gear
1, 24 tooth gear
2 yellow things (shown in picture 3)
2 grey things (shown in picture 4)
1 tan piece (shown in picture 5)
2 piston heads (shown in picture 6)

Step 2: Making the Frame

Picture of Making the Frame

Join two of the grey cylinder things with the black pins
Put 2 black pins on either side of the cylinders
Put on the 2 beams
Take the L shaped beams and put on pins at the bottoms 1st and 3rd hole
Join the L shaped beams on the frame

Step 3: Making the Pistons

Picture of Making the Pistons

Take the piston heads and join them with the grey things
Attach the pistons to the yellow an tan things (refer to picture 2)

Step 4: Joining the Pistons to the Frame

Picture of Joining the Pistons to the Frame

Turn the frame over
Insert pistons
Take 1 axle and insert it into the yellow thing of the pistons
Take a yellow pulley and an axle
Insert the other axle slightly and attach the the pulley then connect it to the yellow thing of the pistons (refer to picture 4 for more info)

Step 5: Increasing Speed

Picture of Increasing Speed

Attach the 8 tooth gear to one of the axles

Attach the other axel in the L shaped beam above the small 8 tooth gear and attach a pulley(refer to picture 2)

Attach the 24 tooth gear on the axle (refer to picture 3)

Step 6: DONE!!

Hope you enjoyed my instructable


jedisalamander (author)2016-04-24

you , sir, just got your first like!

wiffleballbat (author)2016-04-23

That's not a v2. That's an inline 2.

Thanks for telling me I didn't know

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