Introduction: Lego Terrorist Costume Pack

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this is the man who never killed

haahhaaa...!!! i'm gonna kill all of you

Step 1: Terrorist

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you need:
1x minifig head
1x ninja mask
1x green t-shirt body
1x black pants

Step 2: Weapon\guns

Picture of Weapon\guns

the parts of the guns just:
1x gray rifles gun
1x red grabber ammo
1x red brick
1x black flat top brick

1x black police speed gun
1x black two side brick
1x silver special brick
3x black circle brick

AK-47 sopmod

1x black diver gun
1x silver grabber brick
1x gray grabber brick
1x silver special stuff
2x gray circle brick

Step 3: Bren Is Done

Picture of Bren Is Done

the bren is ready

Step 4: Shcimot

Picture of Shcimot

the shcimot is ready

Step 5: AK-47 Sopmod

Picture of AK-47 Sopmod

ak-47 sopmod is ready

Step 6: Walkie Talkie

Picture of Walkie Talkie

this is the last parts of the terrorist is walkie talkie

Step 7: Ready to War

Picture of Ready to War

the terrorist is done now you can kill all of the zombie


Kevin hardy (author)2013-12-04

schimot is a waepon too

Dr MonkeyMan (author)2013-11-23

Whats a schimot?

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