Picture of Lego Time Lapse Dolly

I wanted to create time-lapse dolly for my camera. I did not want to ride only on the tracks. Thus, the truck can travel, on the ground, on a bench in the park, porapetu windows, etc..

Step 1: Construction

Picture of Construction

I used lego blocks, I could build as needed. The lego cube is great that you can build by themselves.

domenic311 months ago
Clever creation
Martin Balák (author)  domenic311 months ago

Thank you

schnurrbart11 months ago

Interesting. Any video examples of how the lapse turned out?

Martin Balák (author)  schnurrbart11 months ago

I added a video of the first test, but poor quality. I am still working on improvements.

MetallicGR12 months ago

Any schematics for the project? It would be very helpful.

Martin Balák (author)  MetallicGR11 months ago

I added it, thank you

Wow it looks like it would work really really well. Thanks for sharing!

Martin Balák (author)  MsSweetSatisfaction11 months ago

Thank you

linuxlizard11 months ago

Nifty! Could you post more pics of the Lego vehicle construction?