Instructables.com just created the REMIX CONTEST so I chose imaseahawksfan's Instructable, How to make Lego® valve stem caps.

I have been creating valve caps since I was a BMX riding teenager. I started with dice and gave them to all of my friends. In the last two years I started making them again and have been giving them to my new friends. I then thought "what else could I use for vale caps" and came up with the idea of using Lego 2X2 bricks. Well, the first thing I did (after pulling out my old Lego collection) was to check Instructables. I found an Instructable right away and decided that it had been done, so I won't post my own instructions. I went ahead and made my own Lego Valve Caps anyways. I put a pair on my bike about 4 months ago to test out their durability and my friends loved them, so here I am making more. I went ahead and documented my creation.

You can view my Dice Valve Caps HERE.

To create your own Spinning Lego GIF, check out my Instructable HERE.

Tools Needed:

  • Drillpress (optional) and Drill Bit
  • Needle Nose Pliers (other option)
  • Clamp
  • Glue Gun (optional)
  • E6000 Glue (other glue option) and Toothpicks
  • Spray Paint
  • Safety Glasses

Items Needed:

  • Lego Bricks 2X2 - Lego Shop
  • Valve Caps - eBay or Local Tire Center - I have had great luck asking tire centers and bike shops for valve caps. It helps to have a pair as an example and to gift them when they donate to your cause.

Step 1: Drilling Your Lego 2X2 Brick

I used my drillpress for this process because I planned on making a bunch of caps at once. You can use needle nose pliers for this part, as well.


  • Measure the drill bit for depth.
  • Clamp your Lego so it does not slip.
  • Put your safety glasses on.
  • Turn your drill on.
  • Drill your Lego.


  • Pinch the inner ring of your Lego with your pliers and twist the piece out of your brick.
  • Clean the inside as necessary
<p>Nice work!</p>
<p>Thank you, I like the remix concept and plan to do more.</p>
<p>Yeah, I like that idea too. As a recently-christened staff, I'm pretty bummed about no longer being motivated by contests! This remix one looks especially fun to me. And the hand tools one. Oh my, we got some great prizes lined up for that one!</p>

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