Picture of Lego Track Bot
What I really love about Lego's Modular System - no matter how old or new the components are, they still can be fit together.
We can also mix them up using components from one kit with some others. This project is certainly a proof of that.


I owned an incomplete Lego's Star War Battle Droid (#8001). The Droid can be folded to fit in the small storage space.
The fun part is that we can make the Droid to draw its weapon from the shoulder by rotating the gear on its back. 

The drawback of this Battle Droid is it needed to have elastic rubber bands to hold them together, without the rubber bands it could not stand up properly, and it lost its value as collectable, and also considered incomplete.

Since the Droid is not a walkable or movable by itself, I think it will be fun to alter this Battle Droid by adding Johnny Five's (another fictional robot in the movie called "Short Circuit" released in 1986) main features: the triangle tracks and rear pivoting castor to the Droid. Then trying to make it move. 

This Lego Track Bot was designed to be an example to show how to use  Palm Arduino V3 with the Lego's components.

 Note: See more photos of my Lego Track Bot and video in Step 14.
19freemans1 year ago
this kinda reminds me of in that movie 9 when the dead cloth guy is made into that robot...........WHALES
wazzup1052 years ago
Wow.. that looks an awe-full lot like a star wars battle droid :)
sath02 (author)  wazzup1052 years ago
Top half of it actually is Lego Star War Battle Droid (#8001) + the bottom half is the main feature of Johnny Five, from the movie 'Short Circuit'.
how do u control it???
sath02 (author)  Pranavthegreat2 years ago
At the moment, Micro-Controller (Arduino) do the work.