Lego Transformer... Autobot? Lost Constructicon? You Decide!





Introduction: Lego Transformer... Autobot? Lost Constructicon? You Decide!

So this is my latest creation. Is it an Autobot? Is it a Decepticon? Is it neither? You decide! Write which you think it is in the comment section below. Also, write whatever you want to name him in the comment section below.

Step 1: Transformation

These were the best pictures I could take with the little amount of time I had.

Step 2: Overall Design

Please write in the comment section below which character this reminds you of, and what names you would like to call him! 


ps: Sorry about some of the pictures being blurry. But I'm working with what I have.

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That's a great name for this guy! It kind of gives him a different personality than "Gravedigger", but it's good that we have a pretty good variety of names. (:


Update: I have made a new Lego transformer that, well to me, looks similar to transformers prime bulkhead. And if I can take pictures before it gets taken apart, I will do an instructable about it! So keep a look out for any new instructables coming your way!


How about... Fossil Digger? or Constructocon? or maybe even DirtClaw? I hope they are good names...

Well, the name "Constructocon" is too similar to the name of the Desepticon construction team, the "Constructicons". But the other names I will take into consideration! I especially think "DirtClaw" is a fitting name for this guy! (:

Keep up with the name suggestions! It helps a lot! :)


you should add wheels to the arms and legs to makeit look like a wheeled digger. name suggestion : something like the deconstructor(since it's a construction vehicle)

I will take your suggestion about the wheels into consideration for my next creations, all suggestions for future creations are welcome! (: