This is probably my best creation so far! :D


Yep, either Star Wars, or Star Fox.

Step 2: Transformation


Step 3: ROBOT MODE! :D

I AM [fill in the blank]

You guys decide his name in the comments :D

Thanks for checking out my latest creation! C;


<p>Here are a few names you could give him: Airbolt, Skywing, Aelaron, Nosedive, and Wingtip. Choose whatever u like!</p>
<p>Haha Nice names!!! Nosedive is a real Transformers name tho but cool ideas!</p>
A few name ideas:<br>1) SwiftAngel<br>2) BlueBlaster<br>3) Windcrash<br>4) Quickslice<br>5) EerieFlight<br><br>There you go!!
Oh (This is TraidenHaduken, I changed my name).
<p>Oh you did? Why is that?</p>
<p>3 and 4 are my favorites! ;)</p>
<p>Really neat! I wish you would explain how you made it though.</p>
<p>yeah I am not good at that CX I would just forget how to put it together half way through.</p>

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Bio: My name is James, and I am a hobbyist, amateur CAD designer, and graphic artist!
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