Step 1: Dump Truck

Step 2: Small Crane

Step 3: Cement Mixer?

Step 4: Antiaircraft Gun... It Fit the Transformation. Don't Blame Me.

Step 5: Drilly Car

Step 6: Bulldozer

Step 7: Car, Nonspecific

Step 8: Slightly Larger Crane

Step 9: Big Bulldozer

Step 10: Transformation

Step 11: Combination

<p>Its Devastator, the original. Bruticus came later.</p>
<p>pretty cool. Only thing: one leg sticks out more then the other. But still cool, like your bruticus!!</p>
Here is my promise: whomever follows me, I shalt follow.
<p>i followed</p>
May be u could as some more light in the pics
<p>nice work!</p>
<p>not acurate, but all in all a nice model.</p>
Devastator is actually the name of the transformer check out the end of rotf or the original series.
Hey copyer ^^
My first Instructable. Hope you like it!

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Bio: I am an ancient cybertronian who loves to build stuff and destroy Autobots. Fear me. Followers: 50- captain camo 100- Hyperlinks1
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