Picture of Lego Transformer: Nebulos
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Yet another Lego Transformer by yours truly.

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Step 1: Body

Here we will build the body.

Step 2: Body: Continued

The body-building continues.

Step 3: Torso

Picture of Torso
A pretty easy step. Follow the pictures and yellow boxes.

Step 4: Wings

Here we'll make and connect his wings/backpack.

Step 5: Arms

Build the arms. Another simple step.

Step 6: Legs

Build the legs. If you don't, Nebulos won't be able to stand ;)

Step 7: Transformation

The transformation is quite simple, just watch the video in the intro of the Instructable. I may make a better video with my new camera, and get more in-depth, because the current video is a bit dark, blurry, and the music in the background is too awesome to care about every transformation detail ;)
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very cool.
Check this out. Made it myself. Didn't have the parts so I made it on LDD (Lego Digital Designer
could you send me the instructions to it? this guy's images aren't clear to me but he did a greatjob with it
I'm in a bit of a fix right now, give me a couple of days and I'll get you the LDD file
Thank u so much
U ARE THE BEST THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No Problem

what is your account user name for lego

i also wanted to ask if on Ldd (i have it) if this is purchasable and how much it is if it is
you can buy it but it's $69.94 ):
hey can u plz give me a link to yours that u made plz cuzz i want to buy the parts
Derin peenzert5 years ago
Use the factory mode of LDD to order your model as a kit with instructions.
I never built it in real life, I just used this program but be warned this project is not easy it took a lot of time (and headaches) to finish.
is there a way u can give me a link to urs? like from the program
so there isn't a way to give me a link to the one you made cuzz the legs are the hardest part for me and i would be extremely thankful if you could help
JAD1453 years ago
JAD1453 years ago
Hey is it ok if I use this design i am making a jet fire design of this G1 style I will credit you heres my mocpage
now, I'm more or a knex guy although i do own a fair amount of legos but this is insanly awesome If i could give a 100* rating i would very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
zixx654 years ago
im wonering... how long did it take to make this because this is a masterpiece of a design? another thing is that im going to take some ideas so i can make a small one because I AM SOOOOOOOOOOO BORED right now
your bored check out my newest instructable How not to be bored
wow! this is the best lego transformer i have ever seen!!! keep up the great work!!!
where can you get the piece from the second row last pic?
SwirlyMan5 years ago
they are indeed the battle droid arms but unfortunately they have stopped making them like that any more but it shouldn't be to difficult to find a set on ebay
i got a clone wars set with the arms a few months ago
actually you can get all the parts you need by using lego digital designer witch is free
hey dude, can you send me your file as in the lego digital designer one? i can't seem to do it with mine, its too hard!
thanks a lot!
realzrulzz5 years ago
what's the orange thing in the 1st pic ?':(
they are the little one-by-ones with holes in them :)
nikster6095 years ago
hey, can you list down ALL the parts? as in like this? step 1:body parts needed: blah,blah,blah it would be a lot easier that way
yoda8525 years ago
in the 3rd to last picture what is that grey piece
i think it a 1x1 with two studs one on each side i am pretty sure it is
blueblade5 years ago
cool! by the way what song is playing in the background of your video?
J Moneyman5 years ago
this is really kool! it even transforms!!
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