Picture of Lego Transformer: Nebulos
stuff 035.jpg
stuff 043.jpg
stuff 042.jpg
Yet another Lego Transformer by yours truly.

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Step 1: Body

Here we will build the body.

Step 2: Body: Continued

The body-building continues.

Step 3: Torso

Picture of Torso
A pretty easy step. Follow the pictures and yellow boxes.

Step 4: Wings

Here we'll make and connect his wings/backpack.

Step 5: Arms

Build the arms. Another simple step.

Step 6: Legs

Build the legs. If you don't, Nebulos won't be able to stand ;)

Step 7: Transformation

The transformation is quite simple, just watch the video in the intro of the Instructable. I may make a better video with my new camera, and get more in-depth, because the current video is a bit dark, blurry, and the music in the background is too awesome to care about every transformation detail ;)
where can you get the piece from the second row last pic?
realzrulzz5 years ago
what's the orange thing in the 1st pic ?':(
they are the little one-by-ones with holes in them :)
yoda8525 years ago
in the 3rd to last picture what is that grey piece
i think it a 1x1 with two studs one on each side i am pretty sure it is