Picture of Lego Transformers G1 Megatron
This is an Instructable on how to make my Lego transformers G1 Megatron. Keep in mind that this transformer is small, so it will break extremely easily. You must be careful when handling it. I made him all the original colors up to it's limits, after all, it is made of legos. Post pictures of your version when you are done if you'd like, I'd like to see them. If any of the pictures are unclear, or you want me to answer any questions, please tell me in the comment section and I will reply.

Step 1: Builging the Legs

Simply follow the instructions to build the legs. If any of the pictures are unclear, or you want me to answer any questions, please tell me in the comment section and I will reply.

Cool! I have been trying to make a Megatron for a while now. ;P

that's awesome!

To je úžasné, som to, môj priateľ bol ohromený.
Draconian13 years ago
Mr. Mepain, do you only build transformers and if so do you have a sentinel one?
it looks like he has a skirt on :P
ps i drew a picture of megatron i might post it sometime
that makes a lot of sense megatron into a pistol...
nice instructable, i dont have the pieces though. well, only some. cool instructable though,
dude use lego digital designer to build it and get the parts that you need p.s. you may need to have it modified a bit
how do you do that?
simple go to http://www.lego.com/ and download it ( its free)
I tried but it won't work.Could you please give me specific directions?
what type of computer are you using ?
An hp pavilion a420n.
I meant what O.S you were using as in mac or windows.
a windows.
then go to the website included in my previous post they may have the answers that you seek.
What am I supposed to do on the digital designer?
You build it as the file I sent says
it doesn't say anything but nice try
then try this also it might help if you download the new design by me program
I slightly modified the model to be compatible with the newest version so that no pieces are deleted and still retains the gun barrel's original appearance.
It's blank.
in that case build it using the instructions that go with this insructable
But I don't have the pieces.
if you don't have the pieces use your imagination and work around it.
What is that supposed to mean?
do you have LDD ? do you have an idea on what to do? If Yes, then get building.
sferrl4 years ago
in the therd pic for the legs wut are the black pecies
hyeonu5 years ago
nice but isnt it fragile to transform him
Soundwave45 years ago
dude is there a lego g1 devastator plz let me know if there is
Mad Cat7 years ago
Wow, too bad I don't have much Lego (only the new Mindstorms). By the way, I am working on a new machine gun. It fires around 8 shots per minute and is a Gatling gun. It has a capacity of around 60 shots. Here's the catch: it is a rubber band gun. I bet you are all sighing in despair now. But it is pretty cool for a rubber band gun. It is just as impressive as that extremely popular Lego gun on Youtube. There is a good chance of it being posted (much more than that previous machine gun i had did).
Mepain (author)  Mad Cat7 years ago
So it works like this one then, right? Video.
mega1 Mepain5 years ago
hey could you send me very detailed instructions on this i cant make the pictures and i really want to make this
Mad Cat Mepain7 years ago
Yes, pretty much. There are a few Lego versions on Youtube. So, should I post it?
zixx655 years ago
nvm i found out what it is.
mega1 zixx655 years ago
plz respond as soon as you can plzzzzzzzzzz
mega1 zixx655 years ago
if you now how to make the whole model then plz help me an e-mail me some very extremely detailed instructions at rc35@comcast.net . its really confusing to me because of the lighting and im dying to make this too.
mega15 years ago
i spent all day figuring out the 4th picture so someone plz send me some very detailed picture instructions on all the step for it so it through via e-mail at rc35@comcast.net
how do u attach the head and arms to the chest?
look veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery carefully!!!
zixx655 years ago

hey...... on the third picture on how to make the legs, what are those black pieces because im dying to make this and i can't see what they are?

shadowprove5 years ago
I'm using LDD and they don't have some certain peices you need
yeah i know right?
did you get LDD ver. 3.0
i used it but it still doesn't have the pieces
Predator115 years ago
 how do yoy get those peices, is their a way I could get them? 
Soundwave45 years ago
Is there a lego g1 Soundwave since Soundwave is my favorite transformer on decepticons side and Wheeljack is my favorite autobot
that i do not know  but if you use ldd or design by me as it is called now you can build it your self
im ashamed i dont have enough 3x1 pieces, round end pieces etc. what sets did you get them from.  also did you use LDD
zixx655 years ago
hey.......do i have to use gear pieces to actually make the transformer????
buyuy5 years ago
 ya what lupinesoul said
buyuy5 years ago
deniz96365 years ago
can u tell me how to get that barrel part ive been searching and searching put i cant seem to find it oh and the droid arms what kit do they both come in plz help me other lmao
buyuy5 years ago
2177 years ago
the video starts in robot mode,and the instructions form gun mode how do you transform it?
Zoawsome 2175 years ago
you just reverse the order of the instructions
Noseyness 2176 years ago
seriously, dude.....
dav105 years ago
there did you get the pises & how cen I get them!
bentot jr6 years ago
dude is it ok if u use different colors?
if you want him to look messed up..... SURE It's you who wants to build a megatron
austin8646 years ago
thank you for the best lego gun i have ever built! a walther P-38! plus its also G1 MEGATRON. I'm gonna try making a "scope"/fusion cannon" for it and i'll send you a photo when im done :)
deniz96366 years ago
nice but i think u should get it in HD because i couldn't see it that well but still i think its AWSOME can u email me for all the peices u need or a lego digatel dighsiner way of it thanks
BoRaiCho46 years ago
noce job. since i don't have the pieces i used lego digital designer. it has all the pieces but some placements like the shorted round part. i no it fits in the 1x1 brick but it doesn't let you do it.
crazyboyy6 years ago
i cant seem to get the mext picture plz help me!
llona crazyboyy6 years ago
all you do is click on the picture
blade719996 years ago
how do you assembol the chest with the tranformer
You sir,are a god.
devinefist6 years ago
make more!
mrbox7 years ago
Oh my god you posted iT!!!!! YESHHZZZ!
2177 years ago
did you use more than 1 set of Legos to build it?
bunduk7 years ago
this looks good mepain
217 bunduk7 years ago
what looks good?
2177 years ago
what Lego set did you use to make it?
lupinesoul7 years ago
You spelled "building" wrong.
Can i have the instructions like alego set? I want to print it out and the pictures are way too small.
werklez7 years ago
Can you show me a photo of step 1 on the 3rd picture its unclear
Mepain (author)  werklez7 years ago
How's it unclear?
werklez Mepain7 years ago
what that peise that looks like a, oh never mine can please send me a clear picture?
Mepain (author)  werklez7 years ago
That is a clear picture. If you can't see what 3 pieces are added in that picture, then you won't have any more luck with another one.
Shifrin7 years ago
Nice job! That was awesome, but next time you make a video like speed it up like x2 or x4 times, but it still is overall awesome! -Alex
mutt2567 years ago
s***, transformation looks complicated!
ferrari4847 years ago
Nice build
04bobby17 years ago
Hey i didnt know you made lego stuff aswell as knex anyway nice transformer can you plz make a knex one aswell and im makeing a knex machettie (might be spelt wrong) why dont you have a go and see whose is best i will try to post mine.
thermite237 years ago
in pic 3 u hav a brik attached to the hand, could u post a pic of that brik
Mepain (author)  thermite237 years ago
Mepain (author)  thermite237 years ago
It'll be up in a bit.
Ward_Nox7 years ago
Mepain (author)  Ward_Nox7 years ago
jak067 years ago
Do you have a parts list?
Mepain (author)  jak067 years ago
I can make one later...
Whaleman7 years ago
I do NOT agree with alecgates15. At least 100 out of 5.
bunduk Whaleman7 years ago
what do you mean?(im 11)
Whaleman bunduk7 years ago
100/5 instead of 5/5
bunduk Whaleman7 years ago
ahh thanks
getin' brownie points are we.......

alecgates157 years ago
First Comment! Lol kidding. This is so awesome now I actually have a reason to get out my tubs of LEGO's. As always 5* material.