Lego Transformers: Twister





Introduction: Lego Transformers: Twister

Sorry that I have not been very active on instructables lately, I have been dealing with bullies on Tinkercad. :P

I hope you guys like my latest Lego Transformer! (Note, there are two separate videos, because my camera's memory filled up half way through.)

Step 1: Videos!

Hope you guys enjoyed! Please favorite if you did! ;)




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    nice robot:D and THANK U for following me! I'll add it to my profile soon

    Thanks! I'm actually a LOT more active on Deviantart and Tinkercad than on here, so sorry for the late reply. :(

    This Lego design was quite old, so I'm kinda surprised that someone likes it! XD Thank you though!

    If you check my links above, the Tinkercad one will link you to my profile, where you can see some of my CAD designs of different Transformers characters. :)

    Anyways all the best!


    You have some great deviantart and tinkercad posts! I especially like tinkercad and what you have posted there, especially since I aspire to be an architect. aside from that, would you like to see a sneaky preview of some more progress I've made on my new ball machine? :)