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This is a miniature travelocity gnome made outof Legos. I got inspiration for this from some extra pieces of my Lego Heroica set, especially the red tooth thingy. The top two pieces are extras from the Heroica set 3874 (just in case you have it), and the other two aren't. Sorry about the bad pictures and lack of a picture of the actual gnome. Hope you enjoy!

1- black 1×1 dot
1- blue 1×1 dot
1- white 1×1 dot with hole on top
1- red tooth thingy
(just look at the pictures)

Step 1: Step 1

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Start with black 1×1 dot

Step 2: Step 2

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Add blue dot.

Step 3: Step 3

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Add white dot with hole in top.

Step 4: Step 4

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Stick the bottom of the red tooth thingy into the hole in the white piece. You're done!


happy_Psycho (author)2014-02-18

This is something really cool, and could probably be used for any number of purposes (i.e. Lawn decoration). I think that the overuse of the word "thingy" is quite annoying, though.

CSI worker (author)2014-02-16

You know the dots are called studs right?

brandt e (author)CSI worker2014-02-16

Yes, thanks btw.

CSI worker (author)2014-02-16

COOL CREATION!!! By the way

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