I created my own Lego USB Drive, I used the instructions that ianhampton did, here is a link to it. Here is what I did to make it.

Other tutorials used silicon to fill the inside, I used a 2 part epoxy. I just got the wrong thing but it works just as well and it is SOLID.

I'm going to be making a cap for it. Its becoming a pain because trying to line it up and fill it so it can go on.

Step 1: List of Parts & Tools

Parts List

- Cruzer mini USB Flash Drives
- 1 x 1 Tile
- 1 x 8 Plate
- 2 x 8 Plate
- 1 x 6 Brick
- 2 x 3 Brick
- 2 x 6 Brick

Tools (Not Shown)

- Exacto Knife
- Needle Nose Pliers
- Krazy Glue Pen
- Quick Set 2 part Epoxy
- Disposable cup or container to mix epoxy
- Rubber Surgical Gloves
- Rubbing Alcohol
- Rag

how hard is it to cut the legos?
&nbsp;Thanks for the idea! my dads had a usk full with maskintape... this really looks better!<br /> <br />
I made one in a 2x4 block (: Also with a cap. Only difference i think, is that i closed it in the bottom, so it wouldn't be so big (:
Mine is closed on the bottom as well .. if you see the 2nd pic of step 7
I&nbsp;wish i could make the image stuff work....<br /> Mine is <em>only</em> a 4x2 block, not even a 1/3 height block underneath, but still closed so i can build it into things. <br /> And sorry i didn't see your reply before now (:
Whoa! I can't believe how easy this was! And it looks cool too!
Then post a pic ... lets see your work!!!! I&nbsp;hope m<span style="text-decoration: underline;">y </span>Instructable helped<br />
what kind of table did u use when you took the pictures
don't recall ...but that is a piece of paper it is on
Wait arent there 2 of these posts?
Your not the first one to say that, but mine is different then the others, any way there many versions of many things on this site, this is just my interpretation
how do you open this kind
Sledge Hammer?
i have that one 2. it is very easy to open. were the key-ring thing is just put one end of a knife or pen and kind of pry it off. it worked for me but remember while doing it make sure that the USB is slid out all the way to avoid damage.
Cutting, I used to have the one. You need a very sharp knife and something to hold it with so you don't chop your arm off.
with a hammer lol, but seriously i think its held in by clips so try using a knife carefully
It is either Ultrasonic welding or it is heat sealed
On the bottom there is a small piece of cylindric metal, if you get a screwdriver and prize the two ends apart it opens =] I have one, love em! =) <br/>
i used to have a memory stick like that-i had it in the computer and my ash tray fell off the top and it just snapped-u might wanna get the line screw driver and run it along the usb part to pry it open-but it might be an even better idea to run it along the white(to get a poking place and pry from there-because the white bit is sort of attached to the silicon chip but its easy to get off once the black plastic is off-it shouldnt be too hard cause there is like almost nothing holding it together-i think they just click it all together in the factory-sorry for the long explanation
Why would you want to, Thats a good one? I guess you just have to pry it open. OR ... I opened one of mine w/ an exacto knife, just scribe w/ pressure along the seem. BE careful, I sure I don't have to say that
That is a good one. Just go to Radio Shack and pick up a 1gb for under ten bucks then open it. P.S. I have that same flash drive.
wow im gonna try this and show it to my friends!
i used a busbi stick that was a 1gb i didnt need much. i even opened it easily with my two hands!
That thing is huge. I managed to fit mine in a 2x4 brick. Here is the pic:
i filled the inside of mine with plasticne
im in the middle of making mine now i just have to find my flash drive >.>
Good luck, Post pics when done
I just made this. Took me 1 hour and was really simple. I used instant setting super glue, so I didn't need to hold it for more than 10 seconds. It doesn't go into my old USB slots, but on my PCL board they fit just fine. I didn't use epoxy, I used layers of thin cardboard and they work great. Just so you know. Great article, kudos to whoever wrote it!
Thank you, glad you found it useful
if you used plastic glue would that kill the memory stick???
no, I used a 2 part epoxy that HEATED up and it was fine ... you want to test its resistance to heat ... PUT IT IN THE DRYER. I put thru the dryer 3 times and still works
My SD mini cruzer went through the wash, then the dryer. Its perfectly fine, the dryer removed all the water inside it!
thanks<sub></sub><sub></sub><sub></sub>and the memory stick still works<br/>
how about making a jenga usb drive....i wanted to do that but i don't have the tools...:(
check it out
i did this exept i used a hot wheels car, and when you plug it in the inside of the car lights up red, and when you acces files on the drive, it flickers. its so cool, i got the idea of doing a lego one from u, but i couldn't find a big enough lego, cause i never did legos as a kid, all i had was knex. but i found a hot wheels car in there and i thought that would be even cooler, problem is its only a 128 mb drive cause i got it for free, and i didnt want to wreck my nice one
Crap! you are good! I just dremmeled out a black 2 by 6 block and hot-glued it in... But yours looks really nice, and great idea! I have a method that works really well for filling with hot glue: Put plenty of glue on and then, before it dries, push it down on a sheet of newspaper. Use an exacto knife to cut off the extra glue, then color it with a sharpie (black, for me). It works well, but is not opaque.
kewl ... post a pic here, I'd Like to see.
This is great! Favorited!
Thank you Sir!
Hey, I speak the truth! you did an awesome job!
Sorry for the double post but: To all the people who are mad at Tekjock for making this awesome instructable, compare the other instructable to this one... This one has: Better Instructions Better Pictures Its Easier! And Overall It Looks Better!
Here's my lego usb drive i just put together .. I need to make a cap for it yet but...diggity !!
It looks kewl .. is it a Lego or one of the other brands of building blocks
It was regular old lego .. 2 pieces of flat 2x6 hollowed out and glued back to back. The usb circuit board fit in almost right inside after i filled the holes off ..shaved a bit off the circuit board and it fit together like it was meant to! ..I'm really happy with the way it turned out ..looks pretty sharp with the led lit up :} you can't really tell from the pictures but i used the metal collar and clear plastic led cover / tang from the original usb stick , covers up the rough edges makes the ends look nice and clean
I like it, the metal collar fits nicely, and from the pic I could not see the Lego logo.<br/>Good work<br/><br/>I made this silly lil' USB hub out of lego, it was a mini USB hub and a 1x1 brick fit perfectly between the 4 ports<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=238392">http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=238392</a><br/>
I've seen your usb hub before, very neat. I might have to build one of them some day .
How come you didn't just use a 2x8 brick and a 1x8 brick and get ride of the 2x3 brick. other than that looks great and I'll have to try it.
I like how there are a few instructables to make these, but each one has it's own little quirks and differences. I saw quite a nice one that someone put on ebay. I like how they managed to get the studs on the bottom as well. <br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&amp;rd=1&amp;item=220154804927">http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&amp;rd=1&amp;item=220154804927</a><br/>

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