Lego USB Flash Drive Bracelet


I have seen a number USB flash drives bracelets around and really liked the idea. It seems like a convenient way to keep a  flash drive handy, though it does seem a bit geeky.  Now I am not one to shy away from my inner geek, rather I figured I would take it to another level and make a Lego flash drive bracelet.
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Step 2: Prepare Lego and flash drive

  • Carefully remove the case of the flash drive, it can usually be pried apart without too much trouble.
  • Drill two holes on opposite sides of the 2x2 pieces with a 1/16th drill bit.  I did this to all but one of the 2x2 pieces. The holes should line up, marking the spot with a pen before drilling will help.
  • For the last 2x2 piece removed the tube from the underside of the piece and one wall.  On the opposite wall, I drilled two holes (see above point), this will be the cap.
  • For the 2x4 piece, removed the three tubes on the underside. Remove one wall and drilled two holes on the opposite wall (same as above).  I needed to grind away a bit of the inside with my Dremel to get the flash drive to fit. 

Step 3: String your Lego

I measured the size of my wrists to determine how many Lego pieces I would need.  It should fit loosely to be comfortable (you don't want little Lego square impressions on your arm).  I used a shoelace as the cord to connect the pieces (the gathered ends made it easy to string through the holes in the Lego).  I started at the one end, looped back and tied a knot.  I reinforced the knot with super glue to prevent it from unravelling.  Make sure the 2x4 piece and the 2x2 cap are on opposite ends.
OjoeMDC7 months ago
Cool lego usb!
iceng7 months ago
Very nice ible.  I almost believe you own a Lego set ;-)
ChrysN (author)  iceng7 months ago
rasha yellow7 months ago
Very cool
nerd74737 months ago
this is really neat!
Love how you close it with the extra LEGO :)

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