Picture of Lego USB Stick
Creating a case out of Lego to house a USB memory stick. This has been done before but I haven't seen it done like this :)

Step 1: Creating The Case

Picture of Creating The Case
Because my memory stick was quite large (in dimensions, not in storage capacity) I had to create a 6x3 Lego brick. I chopped a 4x2 and a 2x2 brick in half using a pen knife and another brick as a guide, the pliers on the same penknife were then used to remove the inner bits of the bricks and then the knife was used once again to remove the sides. Another 4x2 and a 2x2 brick were then used to create the case.

The four parts were stuck together using super glue and a steady hand.
HeyJD5 years ago
Thanks. I made one my self. It took a whole day... But it was worth it!
(Sorry the pictures seem worse quality than it is on my computer.)

frenzy HeyJD5 years ago

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Ganoderma5 years ago
 I made one also, just put a thin plate below it so it can still be used in lego buildings (even though it will probably never be used for that)

Images attached, sorry for the bad quality. They are made with my phone. 
 Forgot to say, the white bit in the cap is from my G19 keyboard. It fits nicely over the USB connection without damaging it (it's silicone/rubber like) and it stays in place. That's how the cap stays on without problems and no magnets or some kind of click system. 
do u think i could pu the original cap inside the end piece? no magnets or whatever
Depends on the cap really. If the cap clicks on the casing, it won't be much help. However, if the cap stays on by friction on the usb connector it will work (providing your cap is small enough to fit in the lego block of your choice)
thank u
wout smeets5 years ago
my usb stick
I saw this, and though it was amazing. However, I think its a bit too bulky. I present my attempt- A six-stud blue brick with black base and a matching 2 stud cap (slides on and off perfectly!). A keyring is fitted, and a blue led shines as a stud at the rear. - I hope this gives inspiration to all of you wanting to try this build!
say how do u build this?
tonye7 years ago
Here's mine. Notice that one of the bricks is clear/red. That makes the little light on the USB drive visible. Thanks!
joozey7 years ago
Here is my result :) Thanks for this Instructable!
kendrick908 years ago
This is what mine ended up looking like, it has a regular lego bottom too so you can build around it.
Hey, Would you mind giving me a sort of "Mini Instructable" on how to make your version? I can't figure it out :(
I used two 4X2 bricks and a 4X4 flat plate. I hollowed out the insides of the blue bricks. I also cut off some of the pegs that were sticking up on the bottom grey piece so the usb drive would sit just on top of the base. I cut off a layer from the bottoms of the two blue bricks so that when I put the blue ones on the grey one they were the standard lego height. I cut out a spot on the side to let the usb part stick out. I didn't have any silicon so i used hot glue instead. I just filled up the entire inside with hot glue, stuck the drive in and squished all the pieces together. I don't know if the hot glue is bad for the drive like some people have suggested. I only used this drive to store a few games on and rarely used it but it does still work. Also this usb drive is shaped weird, it came with the piece shown here which plugs into another piece with a standard looking plug. Also it has no lights so i didn't have to worry about making anything clear.
indrog7 years ago
Hello, I was inspired by this instructable and decided to make a Lego usb "BLOCK" :) The stick is a Sandisk 4 GB drive, and this model was like a retractable one, and IT FITS PERFECT inside of lego bricks, but I still had to throw some leather strips in so it didnt stay in the computer when I try to remove it ;-} 1.Here are the pieces I used, and also a pic of me modifying the piece... 2.Here are the finished pieces when chip is ready to use (NO GLUE OR CUT PIECES, all natural legos surrounding the drive) 3.Drive plugged in and lit up :) 4.Drive plugged in and lit up :) 5.My fav new lego creation (carrying precious cargo :) this brick is kinda big for a usb port, but it had to be that way because I just built with legos around the chip until it was coverd in legos... Indrog
ianhampton (author) 8 years ago
I bought a 'Kingston Minifun' memory stick a few months back to do a follow up to this article, my plan was to fit the 1gb memory stick inside a 2x2 lego brick (I reckon the minifun would fit) the design is already loosely based on lego anyway. I liked it too much when I got it as it made a very useful addition to my keys so i'm yet to chop it up, I may have to buy another :P
Hey I have an old 512mb one of those, did you know that if you pull the metal thing off (the usb connector part) you can get a really small flash drive? it's kinda hard to get out though and you need to jam a bit of paper in behind it cause it's too thin...
kiswinar made it!4 months ago

here's my take on Lego USB Stick. hope you like it. i will post another when I'm finished with the other one. the other's got a red light coming from a transparent red brick. :D

EthanM25 months ago

wow so cool!!! Can't wait to try this, everybody else's ones seem to be successful! awesome idea!!! :)

davidbarcomb9 months ago

Cool idea. Thanks for sharing

jonathanwilson10 months ago

I found a very bright lighting bar, white and yellow light, very good to

install inside the house, powered by USB
Youtube review link: https://www.youtube....h?v=nh82ub9qw1k

Ian, I run a non-profit think tank based in Brussels. We'd like to use an image of your lovely Lego USB in our Annual Report. I have two questions: is there a high resolution version of the photo available? And are there any use restrictions on the photo? Please let us know soonest, as we are finalising everything right now. And congratulations on a lovely, innovative USB concept. Kind regards.

I have a smaller USB and and am using a 2x4 block
penzija2 years ago
very nice job :)
caominhduy2 years ago
Hey, check out my "lego usb"? What do u think?
Banaczech5 years ago
I loved this idea - nerds n lego! As a nerd I have advice.

Try and find wafer usb sticks as they take less effort to insert in to one of the bricks. I used a 2X4 for the stick and a 2X2 for the cap then simply inverted flat 2x4 and 2x2 for the bottom coverings.

If you use plumbing goop it takes 48hours to fully harden but holds like crazy. Then if you use some small super magnets (rare earth) and insert them in to the inside of the lego casing while the glue dries; you get a cap that holds itself on.

I attached the pic with dimes simply to show the magnet placements. Also I would suggest you make a template or use slow speed on the dremel to avoid making a bumpy line on your holes.
I have worked on, in and around computers for over three decades. It has been my "sacred duty" to keep magnets away from data storage devices. As this may apply to a laptop, closing the laptop would also imperil the display screen as it is rendered closer to the magnet. Am I just imagining this?
Your laptop already has magnets in it. They are so the computer can tell when the lid is closed. Your sacred quest is over. You must find a new path.
For those with high fears of magnets you could place the rare earth magnet in the lid only, leaving a metal of some kind on the actual stick portion. Thereby satisfying the fear of magnets by computers while still retaining a functional cap.
this is true...but I still wouldn't do it...my data is too valuable to me.
Your laptop already has a magnet in it. Its to tell the computer the lid is closed. This will not present any more of a problem than that.
A magnet won't have any effect on an LCD screen. They style used is also to low power to effect change on a drive in the machine. You'll find there are actually a lot of companies making sticks in this fashion. There are bamboo, silicone, metal and plastic cased drives being produced with magnetic lids.

See some of the other comments below too. :)
I heard that some types of silicon can dissolve the solder on the stick, so be careful.
problem is, you DON'T want magnets anywhere near a computer...it will mess it up.

you could loose all your memory, the Hard drive could turn into a large paperweight,...the CPU could go south permanently....there is all kinds of things hat can go wrong having magnets near the computer.
That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. There is so much wrong with that statement I dont know where to start! first off any computer novice can tell you that the biggest component of a hard drive other then its metal disk is the motor in the middle and anyone with a brain can tell you that a motor is a magnet. secondly the arm that writes to the hard drive is you guesed it a magnet!
dude ask kibou, its true.
Sounds like fun BUT magnets might erase any credit cards or hotel room keys you keep in the same pocket or purse. I used to keep a couple of magnets on my keys to play with, but when i traveled i had to go to the front desk often to get my room card re-done, until i figured it out. When they go to RFID that might stop the problem.
And a fun project becomes even more fun. Thanks!
Thank god the magnet doesn't wipe the drive out like it would on a hard drive.
kcls prodo1235 years ago
If you inserted that into a laptop, at least on my laptop, it would be INCREDIBLY close to the screen. That would be bad.

joeofloath kcls5 years ago
LCD screens aren't affected by magnetism. It's only CRT's that are. Of course, on some laptops the hard drive is near the USB slots, that WOULD be bad.
Additionally the power ofthe magnet isn't enough to through off the drive- unless you left it in there 24/7
I dunno, you could corrupt enough data for the OS not to boot. Unless it's an SSD of course XD
In fact, no you can't...
Normal magnets (even rare earth magnets) are in no way strong enough to wipe a harddisk whatever way. That is, as long as the harddrive remains in it's casing (made out of metal, so magnetism won't just reach the harddrive itself).

Unless you have a REALLY strong magnet (like a big electromagnet), it will most likely be fine. You don't need very strong magnets to hold 2 pieces of plastic together. 
HGUJK1174 years ago
Awsome USB!!! it tried making the same one but couldent get all the parts because i live in Oman(near Dubai) the only place is raidio shack.
all you have to do is build lego bricks around i dont really lke this on worst one so complicatedd people think it has to be SO complicated
I love the idea and its very clever
Teddybear83 years ago
sorry pic to big P.S. Still genious? How do you spell it? some1 please answer!!!!!!!!???!?!!??!?!!?
Teddybear83 years ago
ths thg is frekn' awesome, Luv water falls/ blue 1s ;)

I'm Hungry here in ISS, It's sooooo boring!!!!!!!! Advice? :[ + }:( = }:[
monsterlego3 years ago
Picture 907.jpg
jjone5383 years ago
I Rcommend Saving your data on your usb onto your computer before you do it
SIRJAMES093 years ago
what about using a Dremel tool to cut /sand/file/etc...? would that not be safer??
razhang4 years ago
this is my attempt at a Lego USB drive, i used a 2x6 blue brick and a matching flat piece for the bottom. I have not gotten around to polishing it but i think it looks pretty good anyways.

Also i have not figured out how to make a good cap, so for the time being (most likely forever) it will be exposed.
Photo on 2011-07-23 at 20.09.jpg
about the cap for this thing.

can you take 1 piece of lego & crazy glue it to a separate block(just big enough to cover the end piece of the USB) & then after the glue hardens(give it an hour or so)slide the new block onto the end piece & squeeze it together to lock it in place?

I have seen them really THIN Lego tiles(1/16 of an inch thick or less) that snap onto other Lego blocks...

Understand what I mean?? or did I loose you?
these are nice toys, but there is no way I would ever pay $39 for a 4GB usb....let alone $69 for a 16GB...

there is just no way when I can get the same size(in GB) for a whole lot cheaper at Walmart or Office Max.

Don't get me wrong, I think they are way cool & I like them...I just don't like them THAT much.
I created a Lego Minifigure 16GB USB drive using Elago USB:

By encasing the electronics in RTV and th elike you have pretty much secured its heat death. There is a reason why air gaps and open volumes are designed into electronic enclosures.  Memory sticks do get hot and need to vent. Sorry for the buzz-kill folks but thems the facts.  It would be less problematic to have secured it at the corners in some fashion so that ALL of the electronics (IC especially) were still open to the air.
I made mine with a hole in the front larger than the USB and encased it using friction alone and just a little glue on the sides to keep it from shifting. Hasn't crashed yet and it's been about 4 or so months with constant use
This is what I was fearing in doing this, a lot of tutorials have encased the pcb in glue or whatever, I figure this would kill it with either conductance of some sort or heat death.

otherwise, I love the Lego idea. as I wear my usb on a lanyard, probably be nice to have a hole at the back end for a loop to attach to a key chain or whatever.
cool i make these all the time but what i do is i hollow out a 2 by 6 lego brick and take the circut chip and stuff it inside, it fits perfectly
brandonduh6 years ago
a razor blade cuts through legos like butterrr :]
but some legos are made of different plastics and therefore some are stronger than others
No, all lego bricks are created equal. lol
Mega Block legos are made a bit differently.
mmmmm i think legos are all the same however you are right that some "building blocks" are made of different plastics besides the inside part of the lego which you would be cutting is a lot thinner and a razor blade does the trick quite nicely :]
no offense but what if a kid sees it and thinks it's a real lego and puts in that big bucket of legos. I really like your project, nice!
vtheawesome4 years ago
i made mine a spaceship :3 ╔
JoshTheGeek4 years ago
Here's mine without modifying anything, thumbdrive included:
The stuff outside keeps the (blue) cap on. The thumb is removable, but it's still fun.
ben_xman4 years ago
Mine is a bit smaller. I even drilled a little hole at the top filled with a bit of hot gun glue so you can still see the flashing status LED!
1196337626411.jpgYou can see that there is a little hole on the lef.jpg1196337666412.jpg
razhang4 years ago
it would be awsome to make a 2x1 lego USB drive with this

otakuben8 years ago
How about a Lego Computer? That'ld be cool wouldn't it?
now all we need is a lego laptop
or has that already been done too...
bigmark4 years ago
I made one like that in 09,two weeks later I think my kids put it in there lego bucket's....I still haven't found it....lol....too cool great job!!!
ninjaaa4 years ago
Nice! But I'm having trouble removing the case of my USB Stick... It's so tight!
l99roufs4 years ago
I made the casing but how do you make the tip cover?
ccobra4 years ago
'-' '-' '-' '-' '-' '-' '-' '-' '-' '-' '-' '-' '-' lol lol kool
cool, nice but i think its un nessecary to modify the body of the flash drive, instead cut the groove in the brick dont further to position the full body then fill up the bottom with ABS plastic and then put a base on it
Crushinator4 years ago
Ha ha guy with moustache
kittensare4 years ago
how do u do that?.cool!
i was lucky and had a smaller memory stick, so it fitted in one 2 x4 stud brick and a 2x2 brick for the lid.
thanks for the inspiration!
kazandra4 years ago
hmmm gagawin ko rin yan hehehe i like it hehhehe
thepelton4 years ago
Interesting. I had thought of using a section of bamboo, or a stick to hide a flash drive.
there are actually legos that are translucent and surprisingly they coma in a wide array of colors can this work with megablcoks?
what do you think?
Valeil ieightu4 years ago
nope, probably not.
bigdai864 years ago
My new lego pen drive :D 4GB one as well! lol A friend of mine was getting rid of it, so had it off him for £2 (Was so cheap coz the case he had was already broken) and so then I just made myself a lego one! :D And to anyone who was thinking of using a glue gun, I did and my pen drive still works perfect! What I did though, was rap the pen drive circuit in some electric tape before putting the glue around it! And it worked a treat! Nice one for the instructable as well! :D
Ollaolen4 years ago
Well this is mine . And i added a "window" to the back of the USB so i could see the light if its conneted . And also added few grills and a panel
mac pwns pc deal with it
zak1954 years ago
I have a picture of it with wheels and stripped down. really fun.
cpond4 years ago
Here is mine.
Thanks for the idea!
Whoa. Sweet. Check out this Glow in the Dark Brick USB. 16GB!

http://www.myzipzip.com/home/product-page/glow/ rad.
Coolorange5 years ago
just cut my thumb while cutting the slot for the usb to stick out, do not press that hard guys, you will slip and cut your thumb, anyways nice project, hopefully i can finish it later when my thumb stops throbing
knex_mepalm5 years ago
No hot glue!
 Gotta say, my LEGO USB Drive came out a lot better than I expected LoL Looks great and works amazing! The 2x4 LEGO brick was the perfect size for it too! I even made the bottom transparent so that the light can shine through and make the chip visible.

Thanks for the 'ible, 5*s
I made one this size as well. You don't have to do any piecing together at all if the USB is small enough... I only had to do some minor interior modification. A quick project that really looks good.
Smasher5555 years ago
But they made computers before iPods, smart one. PWNED
Tauman5 years ago
Does anyone know if using E6000 would work? Because me and a friend want to test it out.
mizzoufan965 years ago
but Macs suck
Apple wasn't put on earth to make computers only ipods
just my opinion
im with u man
 you do know that they invented the computer mouse, yes? 

The mouse was invest by a prof at stanford and was originally deployed by Xerox.

Apple only made it mainstream with a personal computer.
Unfortunately,  your misperception of computer history is incorrect. There are very few new ideas in computing, from HTML to the mouse, someone else probably laid the groundwork before the big boys picked it up and made it a household item or standard.
Um, NO. Jobs didn't invent anything, he is very good at stealing ideas, and marketing them.

Mouse inventor:

nope i didnt.
but a mouse isn't a computer, yes? lol :P
darksword5 years ago
:{0. guy with a moustach
TERE BAP5 years ago
legomum5 years ago
Wondering if anyone's tried using a piece of  Duplo for this (littlekidLego) as the piecing together wouldn't be needed.  Bigger bumps on the top but seems it'd still look cool.
adrian095 years ago
can i fill up the inside with hot glue?? reply me ASAP please....
 Yeah, I went ahead and used hot glue to hold it down and used clear silicone to make it transparent at the bottom, but hot glue the whole way would have been fine. Plus, it glows from inside when I plug it in! Here's a pic or two --

USB [Filled].jpgGlowing.jpg
thank you very much
Chromatica5 years ago
 I was going to do this but my brother took his Dremel back with him.
ametry5 years ago
Cool! I should try this.
zohaibnisar5 years ago
It would be less problematic to have secured it at the corners in some fashion so that ALL of the electronics (IC especially) were still open to the air.By encasing the electronics in RTV and th elike you have pretty much secured its heat death.Memory sticks do get hot and need to vent.There is a reason why air gaps and open volumes are designed into electronic enclosures.Sorry for the buzz-kill folks but thems the facts.

First Blast
akosipaolo5 years ago
can i use any other kind of adhesive to make the USB stay in one place?

hi1115 years ago
 can i use silicon to hold it in place or is it conductive

I have a lid for mine, just chop up anything usb (usb to ps2 converters are real cheap), and put it in lego.
ferrari4846 years ago
cool that you have a mac :D my brother has a imac and believe me that thing is great
i have a imac and it's AWESOME
lol, i have a mac, too! mine is a '99 iMac G3 @333Mhz :D
Kasm279 Kasm2796 years ago
heh, i just got 2 more, a blue and white PowerMac G3/400 and an All-In-One PowerMac G3/266 (rare)
I am going for a emac 1ghz or 1.25ghz secondhand i trying to get 1 for a nice prise
if you have a mac why do u have a microsoft icon
lol my brother has the 2,6ghz whit 4gb and 320gb hard disk and 2tb of extern memory and crazy enough there almost full, 500gb to back up
i like my mac pro 2nd gen dual 2.8hrz quadcore 10gb ram 500gb hardrive and soon to have a gtx 285
I love 'em ;)
same here i love macs though i have a G5
i prefer intel macs running windows :-P
me too less problems to bad i don't have a mac or imac yet
sony psps run at 333 mhz lolololol. zzzz
it probably has a PPC in it (i know the PS3 does)
MrFunman5 years ago
joshman4585 years ago
 My flashdrive fell apart not too long ago, and I remember seeing a Lego USB on this site. I decided to do it (I haven't started yet) and as I came to the end of this instructable, I realized that I have the same Flash Drive as you, except mine has like my dad's company on it haha.
Gage9875 years ago
i wanna make one of these so i can attach it to a dinosaur
i couldn't find any legos so i used Wall-E! haha I didn't have silicone either so i used a hot glue gun.
hey u have a wallie all man all ive got is a is the i dog well not really
Nice! the connector comes out where he puts his lunchbox lol
lets hope you dan't have a 3 year old little brother who plays with lego....
ya and hope none of your pets plays with it then ur creation is done for but if u od have any
krisry5 years ago
the usb electronics  is special
helloworld16 years ago
i may try and make a cap, (and make an instructable including you as inspiration of course) although ill probably loose it too...
hey dude nice knife (step2)
I have the same one
LOL, if u lose it make another...... :)
I think I might try this, good job btw, but can u use a hot glue gun instead of silicone? :)
sweetpea76 years ago
I don't have scilicon. Could I use a hot glue gun instead?
that would be fine just make sure the glue isn't to hot or it will melt some of the plastic
irishjim686 years ago
As an alternative to metal polish, you can use an "old school" type toothpaste (the white paste kind, not a gel). Put a dab on a lint-free cloth (a piece of t-shirt is the best), then just rub it in, and keep working it and soon you will see your piece begin to shine. If you have not secured your electronics inside, then rinse and buff dry. (If the elecrtonics are secured already, just use a DAMP piece of cloth to rinse.)
Giotto8 years ago
Metal polish on plastic? Does that really work? Does it leave any oilly residue?
Metal polish will work on plastic just as well as it will on metal. As it is just a very mild abrasive, there are no oils in it to leave a residue. Just follow the instructions on the container. When it is buffed out in the final process, the plastic will look very smooth and shiny. *IMPORTANT* - when using wet/dry sandpaper on the plastic, make sure to use the finest grits available so as to not gouge the surface.
zack2476 years ago
this is a great 'structable! I'm gonna try with something like a toy car, or maybe some other object
I've made a toy car one, the windscreen and headlights light up upon data transfer :)
how did you do that? i thought memory sticks had only one light in them?
i used a bit of transparent plastic (mine was recycled from the bit that holds model pieces before you tear them off to use) in an optical-fibre type way to send some light to each front light and some straight up to the windscreen, it looks pretty cool :)
that sounds really cool. i never would have thought of that. the toy car i put mine in, was yellow, but when it's in use, it glows red.
Cool, I'm thinking about finding a toy taxi and making the 'taxi' sign on top light up :)
that sounds awesome! if you do it, you should make an instructable on it so others can do it too
N1CK4ND06 years ago
Genius, genius, genius! I don't even know how many times I have commented this instructable, but it makes me smile every time. If you don't have one of these, you are lost.
little red6 years ago
How wide across was your lego piece? because it mine is to small and my usb looks smaller than your!
o duh i see that now! thanks
PCB? sry im a serious nub
Printed Circuit Board: PCB
cool but we need find the suitable PCB first,right?
6srd76 years ago
Lol thats kool.
wont the stick over heat because of the L.E.D and all the silicone within the block?
L.E.D.s put out really little heat unless they are over powered... and then it is not that much heat... it will burn out before anything bad happens
the flash memory gets quite hot, especially when your using it as an external hard drive (the laptop has no internal one.) thats why big sticks of have heatsinks on them
I've never seen a flash drive with a heatsink, and I can't Imagine one ever would ever be necessary, I have a 2 gb optima pro, and it doesn't even get warm even after hours of use as an external harddrive. Also, usb specifications limit the maximum power to 500ma, so the maximum power and usb device can possible need to dissipate is 2.5w, which that brick could do just fine.
blargh. i meant RAM sticks. anyway, using my Sandisk Cruzer Micro as MAIN hard drive for a laptop, it gets very hot. NOTE: the laptop dosent have an internal HD yet.
That would be heat from your laptop going through that funny conductive stuff the USB connector is made out of.
thats not what is heating it up. the connector is cool, but the flash chip itself is hot.
It may be quite warm, maybe even 60 c or so, but those flash chips are pretty tough, and will survive temperatures well over 100 c, in addition, any good flash drive will have built in thermal limiting, so as it approaches unsafe temperatures, the drive will limit it's power consumption. At worst this brick will make your drive a little slower when using it as an external hd, or transferring a large file.
maybe send us a link to one of these big ones because i habe never seen one with a heat sink and i have seen one that claimed to have around 30 gigs of space in it... (flash drive not external hdd)
ramboboy6 years ago
can I use any kind of flash drive
yoshie156 years ago
i actually wouldnt mind making something like tat
ramboboy6 years ago
this is amazing I am gonna make it
h3nkp00nz0r6 years ago
I think I'm going to make this, it's a great 1

Why didn't you just make the notch deeper so that the PCB sits lower in the case and then re-attach the bottom of the original brick?
the brick has fin-like things in it, so there would be no bottom ;)
Nothing like spamming a feature to attract the little kiddies i guess. Anyways, I made this yesterday, and it turned out great. Almost exactly the way you show, with one difference. I actually turned the bottom piece upside down so that it clicked into the brick. That way it looks almost identical to a real Lego brick. I also found it much easier to glue that way.
was the drive a sandisk cruzer micro?
ah, i put a Kingston DataTraveler and a Cruzer Micro in erasers, but ended putting the Cruzer back in it's case and encasing Kingston in hot glue.
this is still my favorite smily XD
i like dis one >: ' (
no this one >:)}
:D <---- is better
i agree
could yous a dremel
Tox7706 years ago
Hey That USB stick is from KPMG, My aunt works there
Jackkkk6 years ago
Great idea
ezenwa6 years ago
i love the design.i need to make that
i neeed to make that
adamshore6 years ago
I toooo made one of these, however i designed it on a computer and got it made for me! twas all because i did work experiance at a university and they had lots of toys lol
dprock6 years ago
this is very cool
Nagol1726 years ago
that is so cool i think ill make one :D ty for the help....
I like it
9lucky26 years ago
it would be cool if you made it so the Lego is still usable that way you get to play at work/school without getting in trouble XD
room226 years ago
you can by these from shops but your one is cooler.
my_lantana6 years ago
just like official product, greate
madberg6 years ago
how to take a flash disk?
madberg6 years ago
cool that you have a mac! I havn`t :-(
madberg6 years ago
hello to all!
DAND6 years ago
Could you use hot glue? I don't have any super glue laying around!
moomooman6 years ago
how do you cut it with a pen knife it seems impossible
wax546 years ago
Will hot glue work I don't know were to find clear silicone.
kiwiowl wax546 years ago
Yes hot glue sould work but heat and electronics don't always go together so be careful. Silicone on the other hand is cheap and available at all hardware suppliers. It's the sort of rubbery stuff they use to seal around bathroom units etc. Get friendly with silicone and you'll find many more uses for this stuff - and it comes in many more colours than hot glue.
wax54 kiwiowl6 years ago
where do i find silicone
Craig1 wax546 years ago
hardware store
wax54 Craig16 years ago
up or down which one will i see
jam906 wax546 years ago
I used a glue gun, it worked fine.
lamech08 wax546 years ago
you can find silicon at any hardware store in the plumbing section.
hammey10086 years ago
good idya
gb1237 years ago
Nice way to hide your memory stick from your baby brother..... P.S, you do smilies like this :-) not this :) !!!
No you do smileys like this =). or..>=(. Nice idea by the way. i have to try this
you do smileys like this

/ \
( * * )
\ U /

wax54 wax546 years ago
oops that didn't work like i pllaned
i hate to disagree with you... but smileys are like this

1) its easier
2) you dont have to press shift
3) i am amazingly awesome
4) good job with the lego memory stick! woot!
5) i need a good idea for a "creative computer" its gonna be home built so if you have any ideas on how to make the chassis amazing email me at
Smileys are actually like this: (rawr)
all of the above smileys are like this :) >:( :D :O and :P no noses
Or go JAPANESE o_0 *_*
that too i forgot about those 0_0 o_0 0_o
no. can you do that with your eyes? lol
no that means "dead"
ohhh ok.
but it would be funny if you did that with your face
thats not nice :( ...owhhhhch my...yyy heart..................... +_+
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Derin Derin7 years ago
hell sorry for the double post
no that means "dead"
yea burrito master i agree smileys like this are pro :) :D :O :P
Cupajo iluvatar7 years ago
What about those of us who wear glasses? 8)
I agree. You are amazingly awesome.
Rye iluvatar7 years ago
i prefer :(|) (monkey smile)
Colonel88 gb1237 years ago
Nope. Smileys are like this :) (just like he did it)
I'm so sorry to disagree with EVERYONE but a smiley is like this }:{:} sideways cow. this is an awesome idea btw, it looks great as well. I'll have to try it out.
or your pesky parents
ianhampton (author)  gb1237 years ago
That would depend on if you wished to display a 'classic smile' with or without a nose...


Either is a perfectly valid way of being friendly :P
Dont you mean :-P, lol
casey321b gb1237 years ago
no. not a good way. hell just want to play with legos and then grab it.
captainjohn7 years ago
Besides the fact that grown people fight over how smilies are drawn ;), I am going to use an old NES controller to house 2 USBs! It is genius I tell you!
don'tt ruin a perfictly nice nes controler use a water bomb box or somthin
use 4. I'm a mad man
Seriously! I don't know how many that COULD house. I will probably measure it out...then put an instructable!
dude i was just messing with you.
Well...I am going for it. You passively inspiréd me! I am soooo doing it!
HA HA, thats awesome, go for it man.
LordV9 years ago
Sweet! Once i buy a stick i may have to try this!
PKTraceur LordV7 years ago
hmgh!*resists ROFL,LOL,and LMAO* Once i buy a stick?....
LordV blugyblug6 years ago
Hrmm, I'm confused as to what you guys are laughing at now. The obvious joke where stick is being interpreted differently, or the fact that i didn't have a flash drive at the time :/
blugyblug LordV6 years ago
Nonono its just "buying a stick" I mean who the hell would go to the shops to buy a wooden stick? We know what you mean but the first time someone reads it they think you mean a wooden stick
LordV blugyblug6 years ago
Lol, maybe i was meaning a wooden stick...
wax54 LordV6 years ago
no my friend does this joke all the time i hate it it is really perverted
u_opo6 years ago
so I know that zoozie just asked this kinda, but I wanted to make sure that it is right. The silicone wont mess up the current?
wax54 u_opo6 years ago
no it is pretty rubbery and plastic so no conduction
boyrock3756 years ago
i am thinking about making one with two drives on out of each end. use the reply and let me know your opinions
you already said that i think its cool idea long stick though.
Gamer9176 years ago
its not a usb stick, its a usb brick
wax54 Gamer9176 years ago
sweet P.O.W. Play On Words
zabbott6 years ago
very good i will do it at home
SinAmos6 years ago
SIMPLE and cute.
dooby236 years ago
If you want to avoid chopping/modding the multiple, smaller brick & if the final brick size isn't critical, Lego makes a 4x6 brick (1-1/4" x 1-7/8" x 3/8") - http://peeron.com/inv/parts/2356

have fun...

Also, if you can't get your mittens on a 4x6 block, you could use 3 x 3x2 blocks side by side, that's what i'm doing =]
Bit of a nightmare due to the extra 'walls' you have to remove, but the finished product looks neater, & you can use different colours (if it hasn't been suggested already).

Allyn ~ FreakWorx

P.S. My old lady suggested using a soldering iron to cut through the plastic rather than sitting there with a kitchen knife and risk losing a finger (Health & Safety is not my strong point) - Just remember to clean the S.Iron once you're done =]
Smart lady. Keep her. I'm not sure mine knows what a soldering iron is, but I'm sure she wouldn't be happy to know there is one in the shed!
You might want to wear an air filter mask to protect yourself from the fumes.
and if you made a cap for it out of Lego you shouldn't lose it because you could just clip it on top when using the USB plug!
I would try using one of those ultra tiny Pico flash drives and fitting it into a smaller brick.
dekd6 years ago
nice idea
Mine turned out quite well - in fact I made 2, a 2gb and a 4gb. The 4 turned out...weird (ie. blue and black) but the other I made full red. Thanks so much for this instructible!! :-)
parry1016 years ago
Here's the one I made from this tutorial
N1CK4ND06 years ago
Here is the one I made, fit it into this tiny block.
How did the light shine through? Legos arent translucent.
actually, some of the newer ones that they have come out with are translucent, well, to a point. not exactly "clear" persay but they will let some light through.
WOW! that sounded smart!
Ding Dong
Put a piece of paper between you and a light, last time I checked paper isn't translucent either :P
N1CK4ND06 years ago
I managed to fit a 2 gig flash into a 2x6 brick. I had to trim down the edges to make them very thin, and it was a little squeeze, but nothing enough to break it. Works fine.
0.9.3906 years ago
moonmanxl6 years ago
c'est very cool
c'est made out of blocks,mi Llamo Hitman Agent47.
greate yob amanzing
SevereFlame6 years ago
Woah. Looks simple enough, but very cool too. I'll have to try this sometime!
justin1-26 years ago
when you say 6 *4 does that mean inches
It is in "Lego Form" it is the "dots" on the top of a brick.
boyrock3756 years ago
i am thinking about makeing one with two drives one sticking out of each end. please use the reply and let me know you opinions
Two sticking out each end, or one out each end?
one out of each end
finally a good use for the half ton of lego I have stashed in some dusty corner.-
boyrock3756 years ago
what did you use to cut the slot for the usb to stick out of cause i can never get a smooth cut like that
darkbro9996 years ago
well, i've wanted to know, how big(in storage)is your flashdrive
o yea, very nice 'ible, ill definitely try this one out
daisuke06156 years ago
It's very nice. I'll try it.
Awesome stuff, read about this in New Scientist christmas edition :P
Argool6 years ago
This is sweet
minkette7 years ago
This is a great idea, I've been wondering what to do with the cracked mp3 player I found on the street - this might be it.
If you made a cap out of another brick, you could click it onto the top of the USB brick when you weren't using it. You be the only person in the world who wouldn't lose their USB cap!
Amen. also, sticking this to a haphazard "My kid made it" lego pile would be super spy.
i was gonna say that! but yes, its true, just make a brick cap that could also just click on the top and your cap problem is solved
sfizzle6 years ago
so for the led, was it already on the flash drive components, like did you have to do any steps to have it or did just happen because your flash drive had a led?
zoozie7 years ago
hey, i have a question. i dont know much about computers and when i stuck mty flash into that and was about to glue it it looked like there were andawful lot of parts that could get messed up by regualr craft glue or "Krazy Glue" i dont know and cant get and *clear silicone" whatever that is and since im making a practice one w/ a broken flash im gonna go ahead and glue it. hopefully this will be answered tomorow. thx for the help in advance -zoozie
Derin zoozie7 years ago
no conductance=no problem
Derin Derin7 years ago
and clear silicone is also called silicone caulk
Jamnog Derin6 years ago
try an aquatics shop clear silicone glue is used for repairing fish tanks.
stumpffy8 years ago
I think it would look more like a lego if you sand off the little stud things on top of the plate you put on bottom.
you really can't sand off the little bumps on the bottom layer bc then it would just leave little holes on the bottom. The Pegs are not Completely solid
You could just flip the bottom pieces over and it would look like the bottom of a normal lego
zoozie7 years ago
the case togheter but 2 problems arose: 1. how do i make a bottom? 2. how do i make the cut less obvious?
ladonola zoozie6 years ago
You could use a putty to fill the slight crack then paint the lego piece the same or different colour
MiitheWii6 years ago
Try putting an additional lego on top and bottom to hide the ugly cuts, it works great. Also try finding a brick slightly bigger than the drive to put it in
mutface6 years ago
Great job! My memory stick's casing just broke so this will be perfect!
This is really cool.. I think I could really do this one.. have to give it a try and let ya know,
Love n Peace,

"Life I love you, All is Groovy"
latest up dates on the Family business !
Gourds By Michele
M.Hunter6 years ago
I made one of these and its awesome. Mine is a 2x6 brick. Learned one thing, DON'T use epoxy. Eats through lego in no time :p
My bad meant a 4x6 brick
awang86 years ago
Lol you should watch yourself scream when you lose it and fine out your baby brother used it in his lego house.
LOL just imagine. hahaha
Anyway, I think I'll look a bit suspicious bringing a lego block to school.
Gage9876 years ago
to make a lid can't ypu just glue the old lid into holowed out bricks so it stays on
javier7high6 years ago
ill try to make it retactible
Kosmicon6 years ago
This is sweet! ill have to do this. Do you know how to make a retractable flash drive not retract and stay in place?
cool but its a little bit diffecult for me , but nevermind :D
beechy6 years ago
sweet a lot easier to follow than the others. i made one. its quite hard but very good. took me the biggest part of an hour. also i made a cap for it and but bluetac inside so it doesn't fall off
Yanto7 years ago
Really nice!
nabzaf7 years ago
=0p that is my face no shifts no alts and no hard work.

lol =0p
qwertyboy7 years ago
this is cool. now i just gotta try to make a cap for it. *favorited*
Jahoovi7 years ago
nice but i recommend that u should add a cap
szechuan537 years ago
i luve this
sirbow27 years ago
sirbow27 years ago
:D nice
mason01907 years ago
You can also take an altoids smalls tin and cut a hole in it. Then glue it in there for a disguised minty smelling flash drive :)
wilsonater7 years ago
I love this! I just made one of these but the pen drive was quite big so the casing is a little too large. also it was quite hard to hollow out the pieces using a craft knife. However, I will be getting a new dremel next month so I will be having another go at doing this. The 2 things that I did differently with mine are: 1. I made a lid to go over the USB part. 2. in the main body of the casing I put a little 1x1 brick with a hole in it, and in the lid part, I put one of those little black connector things so that when you put the lid on, it clicks into place and you need to pull it to get it to come off. These 2 things are pretty easy to do, so I would recommend you should try doing these.
oh don't forget every one you can do this with blue tooth receivers too and all those other kind of things. whoa I got an Idea to make a lego guitar hero guitar. lol but I'm not going to do it.
zimmemic257 years ago
I tried to make a lego-transFlash-reader (transflash usb-reader in a lego brick, hole for the chipcard and another hole for the USB connector), and I accidently glued the transflash hole, so I had to throw away everything
ottboy877 years ago
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S4mmy7 years ago
How did you get the drive out of its previous casing?
A knife or scissors... look at my custom usb tutorial to see how I did it http://www.instructables.com/id/Star-Wars-Flash-Drive/
loopygoter7 years ago
wow, i tried it and it works! Thx
Kopolis7777 years ago
really cool
Knytemere7 years ago
Very cool. I probably won't end up making this simply because I don't have a flash drive :P. Legos are the best.
bigtank23857 years ago
And, you can use a single 1x2 for the cap, just put a small piece of vinal (electrical) tape on one of the inside surfaces. it fits great. check it out:
bigtank23857 years ago
I made one, but with a cheesy steam punk look to it, im happy with the way it came out. Check it out here:

this is one of my favorite instructables, kudos ianhamton!
summit7 years ago
thats so cool I'm going to try that, but I want a cover just in case. I'll try to make it lol!
that is REALLY NICE but where could you get some silicone?
in some lady's lips
just use hot glue it works the same if not better
Hot glue works fine if you blow on the glue while it dries.
i think epoxy would work just as well? if that is easier for you to get :P
talkdown7 years ago
that is so coooooooooooooollllllllll
MadBeaver9 years ago
how did you cut the lego?
Use a band saw if you have one--keep your fingers out!
indrog7 years ago
Oh here are some images of the blockchip finished and closed (OBVIOUSLY THERE ARE BUNCHES OF WAYS TO rig this piece up) Much Fun this was... Didnt take to long and didnt get dirty :) Peace Love Light Jonah Mclain Huggins (Indrog)
dz00044557 years ago
one thing you have to be careful of is to not make it to tall, i made one, and i can only plug it in, it covers the other port :(
TID-dimond7 years ago
sweet prople
mattfrey7 years ago
If I make a cap for the usb how would i get it to stay on.
sprstv7 years ago
this is cool. I like how everyone got inspired to make their own and they are all a little different.
ficofeto8 years ago
I'm having trouble opening a memorex travel drive for 1 GB. Please help.
If it's one of the new ones that fold out of their plastic shell, I've no idea. However, if you have an old one that is just a stick with a cap, here's how to go about it. 1. try and remove the "neck" of the plastic. If there is no "neck", then try and remove the back. 2. There is a seam on every USB stick. Just take a knife and worm it around in there. It'll pop open eventually. 3. I looked at images of one of these online, and they appear to have a "loop" on the back. Try pulling that straight out of the travel drive. I am not responsible if you break this.
by the way, tell me if it works!! Great luck!
cool Instructable, i did mine in yellow cus I did'nt have enough red bricks. I'm gonna work on it a little more and soften up some edges where the legos meet.
C:\Documents and Settings\Dalton.RIVERRAT\My Documents\My Pictures\2007_1007Image\Legousb2007_1007_000108.JPG
I saw quite a nice one that someone put on ebay. I like how they managed to get the studs on the bottom as well. I'm not sure Iike the colours though.

Heres mine, thanks for the idea
idiotjohn8 years ago
I tryed doing this and I seriously don't recomend it... I think the instructable ias a great one but when I tried the usb drive wouldn't fit with another ordinary sized usb drive in many computers.
icedog5158 years ago
very nice. dude i have the same knife as you do! lol tell me the 'technique' of how you got the extra stuff out.
ianhampton (author)  icedog5158 years ago
Good choice :) I messed up a few blocks removing the inside bits, crushing them with the pliers and then removing them seemed like a good technique at the time.
You could use a soldering iron to remove the inside and scoop it with tweezers it works well:)
Ducky Boy8 years ago
The guide was amazing :D I made one myself, and btw, I used hot glue instead of silicon, and it seems to work. I also found the lego bricks to be opaque, so i cut a notch at the end where the light would be, and added a drop of hot glue, so you can see it light up :)
powerfool8 years ago
The LED is on the other side that is not visible now, right??
ianhampton (author)  powerfool8 years ago
No, I think its actually that side just after the blank space where a second memory module could be on the pcb. It's one of those strange leds that they use on phone keypads that sit quite flush to the circuit board.
sorchah8 years ago
Wait...did you really cut the legos with a swiss army knife?
ianhampton (author)  sorchah8 years ago
Yes, their only made of thin plastic...
deansep8 years ago
Couldnt you just cut the lego and glue the usb charger to it?
ianhampton (author)  deansep8 years ago
Probably :)
adamthiede8 years ago
why do you have to remove the original casing on the flash drive? Just cut up some legos, gllue the USB in and stick a bottom plate on! VERY cool idea i just might do it.
ianhampton (author)  adamthiede8 years ago
Because the drive would end up much bigger than it needs to be. Mine wasn't difficult to take apart...
emenblade8 years ago
HEy this is a great idea, but what about us people who dont have a full led on there chip, mine is near the centre and is very small mesuring ar maybe a mm2.(squared) and i dont know what to do cause i need it to shine through my lego, should i use clear ones? or jst make a hole?
clear legos rock.
berky938 years ago
you could also make a cap that the dots line up with the body and use a 2x3 flat brick to "lock" the cap on.
can i use hot glue or super glue as a silicone substance
lebaigneur8 years ago
What about heating the knife to cut clearly through the Lego? Obviously, you should then avoid breathing the fumes...
billz2608 years ago
I like it! Amazon has some 2GB USB sticks for under 20 bucks and they are the size of a stick of Trident gum. You could fit that into one 2x4 bloc :) Sweet!
spartana8 years ago
This is so cool, I made one of these but i didnt have the right lego. it was the really thin stuff so i just stuck two bits to either side. i'll try to post a pic of it, it's not quite finshed yet.
rouge8 years ago
thats a lot of silicon inside ! that may trap the heat inside the circuitry and grill your USB-lego thingy in an extended period of time...
ianhampton (author)  rouge8 years ago
Still working fine :) The heat is so minimal that I doubt the problem would ever arise.
purty7078 years ago
how did you get all the excess glue off? nice job i made mine
ianhampton (author)  purty7078 years ago
From memory I applied very small amounts of glue using tooth pick, so there was hardly any excess at all.
LadyAeval8 years ago
Now that is really cool.
TTLKurtis8 years ago
Great little mod... very fun idea. I posted this as news on my site and shared a little USB drive mod of my own (though admittedly not as cool) here: http://www.thetechlounge.com/news/11300/
cflowers8 years ago
Nice job! I featured this in The Daily Hack's "Smash or Trash?!?!" article. Don't worry...I think it's a smash. :) You can vote at The Daily Hack.
C. Flowers
davytrain8 years ago
if you decide to make another one you should consider two things: 1.make the bottom of the stick holder actually have the bottom of the legos on it(so if you make a case for your computer someday or whatever you can stick it on to the other legos) 2. Why not use two 2X3s instead of the four legos of different sizes you used before? All you'd have to do is stick the three together and cut the inner walls out with space for the stick...same result, but less precision cutting involved. Btw..very cool idea.
jpwwalker8 years ago
I made one a couple of weeks ago and it looks great.. I found the quickest way to clear out the inside was by using a dremel type tool(using the sander bit). I made mine slightly larger so I could add a neck cord on to it (so I don't loose it!)
binnie8 years ago
how fuking cool is that lol before i saw this instruc...... i had done it to my usb exept i didnt glue it so it would come out everytime you took it out the computa hm ive got a big qst someone gave me a usb they found on the street cause it didnt work i get it in it sees it but it says windows doesnt recoginise it i dont want any of the data that was or is on there but is there a way i can get it to works again but this is the coolest instructable evaer
wes_7118 years ago
that is very berry cool
I Love legos, and though i'm a freshman in high school, I think it'd be awesome to carry one of these around.
Fenwick8 years ago
I made a lego card-reader, however I don't have anything sharp enough to cut through LEGOs, so I just built around the chip and used pieces to hold it in place. Mine's considerably bigger, it's 5 wide and 7 high (as opposed to this being 3 wide and 4 high), is multiple colors, and has a few gaps. Once I get access to a good enough knife, I'll put it in a solid color and it will look great.
biamontem8 years ago
debashis8 years ago
Indeed a good idea but is it keeps heat inside while the drive works
ianhampton (author)  debashis8 years ago
Yes, but I can't say that this drive really gets hot. Even if it did that wouldn't necessarily mean that it would be damaged, USB pens are tough little things. I made this in June 2006, it's had weekly use since then and still works fine now (Jan 2007).
theking8 years ago
friggin awesome
MichaelS8 years ago
That looks pretty cool. Too bad I only have a shuffle, and I wouldn't be able to press the buttons. :(
ddsn8 years ago
wow...im getting a usb drive 2morrow and im going to do this! (exepts im going to use clear lego :3)
how'd you make such perfect cuts mine is comming out ugly when i try to remove a side off the lego
ianhampton (author)  Impendingdoom8 years ago
The cuts to the sides dont need to be too neat as the majority of them won't be seen. For the cuts across the top I attached another lego brick to half of the brick I was going to cut to act as a guide. Use the sharpest knife you've got...
ianhampton (author) 8 years ago
The plastic was thinned slightly when it was polished. However lego is only thin so the bright LEDs that are on memory sticks shine through OK. Might not work as well with darker coloured legos though.
Dieffsta8 years ago
sweet, im gonna do this
pretty simple, but i like it. i just wish I still had some legos.
peterrus8 years ago
I made one too! I used a cardreader stick, maybe ill post pictures soon, or make a better one :) because mine is soo ugly
cool lol
kken8 years ago
shindvs kken8 years ago
bright idea
Now I know what my sister is getting for christmas ;)
flat_cat638 years ago
Let's say you had an MP3 player of roughly the same size, with buttons located on the sides and other stuff. Do you think something along these lines could be done to it as well ?
sweet. nice job.
zachninme8 years ago
How did you take the darn thing apart? The dell one I wanted to try is impossible! Unless I were to dissolve the plastic, but that is going in a completely different direction.
That lego thing where the guy covered his comp was cool. he used legos with holes in them to air out his comp. smart. i like this instructable and the wrist band thing. im going to try to make one out of a "livestrong bracelet.
cry_wolf8 years ago
I am impressed, extremely well done. Well documented, and VERY slick. I mean it looks like Lego created it. Good work! =]
jnk1018 years ago
thought of doing a lego motor thats a tough one
Detonator8 years ago
Great! Now I can hide inportant info in a pile of lego bricks!
grana8 years ago
bobsmith6528 years ago
Don't use silicone sealant for packing it out. As it cures it makes acetic acid (mmmm, vinegary) which will attack and corrode the electronic components, especially the copper on the circuit board. Possibly use hot glue sticks to pack, or just glue it to the brick around the edges instead? Clear 2 part epoxy resin is probably no good - it is an irritant, so is probably corrosive too.
Try the water based sanitary sealants. Virtually odour free and non corrosive.
ianhampton (author)  bobsmith6528 years ago
Hmmm... Well it's worked fine since I made it.
illuminate8 years ago
I made one but added wheels to the cap and to the back and now when I'm at the library in school I can play with it lol
frickelkram9 years ago
Great thing! Could'nt it be combined with Lego Mindstorms ?? ;-)
Probably not. That is so not possible I can't think of where to start. It won't have the drivers. And why would you want to? The biggest program I made for it was about 100KB (I had to split it up, needless to say)
Lil Bastard8 years ago
I'm unimpressed. It's just a lego brick. But if you made one into a Lego airplane, now THAT would be cool. You could also use the transparent/translucent Legos on the end to make the LED even more visible.
ianhampton (author)  Lil Bastard8 years ago
I could, but the LEDs show up just fine as it is.
Ouch9 years ago
Great! Flash drives are getting so cheap too... totally worth it.
Bad Donut9 years ago
love it. i recommend buying a memorex traveldrive for this instructable. i got mine at officemax for $15 and it has a nice 512 mb flash drive. Its pretty thin, a little long, the only problem is getting it open. im guessing that the 256 mb or the 128 mb cost alot less if anyone doesnt want to spend $15 dollars for the project.
yitong leo9 years ago
Nice idea!
FlashFlash Wristband
that's really f-ing great.
Oh thats a pretty damn cool idea
leeweek9 years ago
i made one too but i dint have to add the extra brick, i just shaved away the sides of the inside. namely i used a dremel but a sharp craft knfe is great for the finishing touches if oyu are going to buy a drive just so you can put it in a lego, bring the brick with you to the store and find one that is the same size... its makes the brick mod a lot easyer
lego drive 001.jpglego drive 002.jpg
zachninme9 years ago
Nice idea! I remember building all sorts of homebrew sensors for Lego Mindstorms, and then encasing them in legos like that.
MadBeaver9 years ago
how do you cut the lego?
ianhampton (author)  MadBeaver9 years ago
Using a sharp pen/craft knife.
ianhampton (author) 9 years ago
Using a sharp pen/craft knife.
aiden1200009 years ago
try with an mp3 one of them thumb drive shape ones
MeTHoD-X9 years ago
Really cool idea. I'll have to give this a try.