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This instructible was inspired by the work of BioGuns, a very creative person. If you have time you should check him out. 

In this instructible i will show you how to make a lego uzi, one of my favorite guns. 

*sorry in advance about the pictures.

Step 1: What You Need

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I'm not sure what all the pieces are called so here are some pictures

Step 2: The Clip

Picture of The Clip

Here is how to make the clip.

Step 3: The Handle

Picture of The Handle

Here is how to make the handle (the grip)

Step 4: The Body of the Gun

Picture of The Body of the Gun

Now to put it all together

Step 5: The Side Plates

Picture of The Side Plates

this step will show you how to hold it in place.

Step 6: The Add-ons

Picture of The Add-ons

this where to put the clip on and other pretty things


monsterlego (author)2011-11-30

CSI worker (author)monsterlego2016-01-17

ive been looking at this instructable since I joined.... I just noticed your comment and now I get it. xD

wolfman2152 (author)monsterlego2011-11-30

Thanks, i only use lego at my friend's house even though i have a ton

CSI worker (author)2014-04-14

Nice man, but pictures are blurry but nice man

modaawesome (author)2011-12-11

it looks good and is too big for mini-figures.....perfect

wolfman2152 (author)modaawesome2011-12-11

thanks, its not for minifigs, its for bionicle and/or hero factory

modaawesome (author)wolfman21522011-12-16

i like that it is too big that is one of the best things about it because my brother dosen't build lego armies to attack me anymore

modaawesome (author)2011-12-16

check out my first instructable

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