Lego Uzi





Introduction: Lego Uzi

This instructible was inspired by the work of BioGuns, a very creative person. If you have time you should check him out. 

In this instructible i will show you how to make a lego uzi, one of my favorite guns. 

*sorry in advance about the pictures.

Step 1: What You Need

I'm not sure what all the pieces are called so here are some pictures

Step 2: The Clip

Here is how to make the clip.

Step 3: The Handle

Here is how to make the handle (the grip)

Step 4: The Body of the Gun

Now to put it all together

Step 5: The Side Plates

this step will show you how to hold it in place.

Step 6: The Add-ons

this where to put the clip on and other pretty things



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    ive been looking at this instructable since I joined.... I just noticed your comment and now I get it. xD

    Thanks, i only use lego at my friend's house even though i have a ton

    Nice man, but pictures are blurry but nice man

    thanks, its not for minifigs, its for bionicle and/or hero factory

    i like that it is too big that is one of the best things about it because my brother dosen't build lego armies to attack me anymore

    check out my first instructable