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Introduction: Lego Vase

My first instructable ...
(and you might have to excuse my spelling etc. - I'm danish and it's been a long time since I wrote anything in English.)

Well, there is barely a need for instructions in this instructable. Primarily I just wanted to share this extremely simple idea.

I thought it would be fun to build something from Lego - but not a model of something, like you normally use Lego for - I wanted something like a real thing, I could use. But until now, I couldn't think of anything, that I would like to both build and use.

The vase I build, didn't hold water, so I will seal the inside with some paint or just find a glass or other container, that fits in. I use a plastic bag for now and it works fine.
If you build a vase, it might hold water. My Lego-blocks are like 30 years old, and that might make a difference.
If you seal it with something transparent, you might want to consider to use some transparent Lego-blocks too - for an underwater view :)

Any other ideas?
If you have any other ideas for usable real not-model things build from Lego you are welcome to share them here. I have seen very few of these kind of things.
If you want a knife block or knife stand for kitchen knives, that would probably be easy to build and look good. And Boxes and other storage stuff (like the vase) is obvious - but for now I don't have any specific storage stuff idea, that I really like.
I'm thinking I will build a lamp next - I was inspired by all the transparent blocks, when I went over my old Lego just now :)



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    Jakob: Not to worry -- your English spelling and grammar certainly seems to be within the top 20% of native speakers' abilities. :)

    I think if I built something like this, I'd need to use glue of some sort. All it takes is a careless moment by myself (or one of my sons!) and it'd be in hundreds of pieces.

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    Thanks :)
    It did occur to me after I wrote the note about the spelling, that I could use a spell check, which made it a lot better :D
    And I'm glad, if my text is understandable.

    The vase is actually not that fragile - Not compared to many glass vases anyway ... and a lot easier putting together again if it should break :D
    I did support the bottom by an extra layer inside and that made it a lot more robust, so I recommend doing that.
    The weakest part is where the bottom connects with the bottom row of blocks - and it would make a great difference to the overall robustness if the bottom was glued on - but I didn't find it necessary (yet :D).
    You can quite easily press Lego so hard together that it is actually really hard to pull apart again.

    But if you want to protect and preserve a Lego construction, you could paint it with some transparent or semi transparent lacquer, and you might also get a whole new Lego look.

    I've got an idea now that I really like: Lego chopstick rests. I wanted to make my own chopstick rests anyway, but I didn't find a design idea until now. Lego is so decorative that this idea is obvious - and they will even be dishwasher safe :)

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    ... and a flowerpot or plant pot is also an idea - The contrast between Lego and a living plant could be nice.

    I agree. There are even many instructables users that blame this on their age, which is a bad excuse because their computer probably has spell check.