Lego Vector CRB With Holographic Sight

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Introduction: Lego Vector CRB With Holographic Sight

Here it is, after lots of hard work, the lego vector CRB from call of duty ghosts. It has a lot of working features, such as the foldable stock, which I am very happy about. I will make a tutorial for the holo sight, if some of you we're wondering. I didn't have the window piece for the glass, so if you want to add that in, you can change the design of the sight.

Step 1: Reload

This gun is reloadable, with a working bolt catch.

Step 2: Foldable Stock

Foldable stock, too.

Step 3: Sights

These are the iron sights.

Step 4: Fire Selector

This gun also has the safety switch and fire selector.

Step 5: EOTech Holographic Sight

The holographic sight includes the orange bar that reads damage.



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The body is a bit long but other than that it looks great!!!!!