Introduction: Lego WALL-E: WALL-E and Eve

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Hey guys and welcome to another instructable! If you missed my other's, make sure to take a look. Also be sure to check out my brother's YouTube channel at:

Step 1: WALL-E

Picture of WALL-E

Here are the pieces you will need to make WALL-E

Step 2: The Body

Picture of The Body

For the body, take the black sextant and place two 1x1 brown (or yellow) smooth tiles on opposite sides.

Step 3:

Picture of

Step 4: The Treads

Picture of The Treads

To make the treads, take a black jumper plate and put it on the bottom of the sextant.

Step 5:

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And lastly, take a binocular piece and place a dark gray stud on the bottom. Take that and place it ontop of the sextant. Voliá, and now you have your own Lego WALL-E.

Step 6:

Step 7: Eve

Picture of Eve

So WALL-E isn't lonely, here are the pieces you will need for Eve.

Step 8: The Bottom

Picture of The Bottom

Unlike most of my other builds, this time we are working from the bottom up. Take a white sextant and place a white cone on the TOP of it.

Step 9: The Arms

Picture of The Arms

Take two white teeth and place them on opposite sides of the sextant, facing the bottom of the cone.

Step 10: To Clean It Up

Picture of To Clean It Up

This step is optional, but it helps clean up the look of Eve. It also adds a little unnecessary bulk to it. Take two white 1x1 tiles and place them in the empty side stud holes.

Step 11: The Head

Picture of The Head

Finally, you made it! Anyways, take a black stud and a 1x1 white plate. Place the stud on top of the plate, and put this combination UPSIDE DOWN in the last remaining bottom stud hole. Now you have Eve! Thanks so much for taking time to build and share what I have made. I hope to see you in the next instructable!

Please don't hesitate to ask questions or give critique in the comments!


Whovian123 (author)2016-08-04

so cute!!! must make!!! =3

Shade Heart (author)Whovian1232016-09-29


GeorgeM163 made it! (author)2016-04-17

it is so easy!??

Shade Heart (author)GeorgeM1632016-09-29

Aw looks great!

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