I wanted to make a Lego wall clock for my son's birthday.  I did some quick looking on line thinking I could find one premade, but I couldn't - just Lego themed normal clocks.  I wanted a clock made out of Legos - here's how I made it.

Step 1: Obtain Parts

Here are the parts that I used for this project:

Lego Parts:
Large Green Baseplate Lego Site
Minifigures: when I purchased these, there was a special for 4 random minifigures for a couple of dollars, I think.  Obviously, optional.

The following parts were ordered from Lego's Pick-A-Brick site:
To find these parts, enter text between single quotes into Brick Name field on Pick-A-Brick.
'Plate 1X1' (many, assorted colors)
Quantity 1: 'Plate 1X8' (hour hand)
Quantity 1: 'Plate 1X12' (minute hand)
Quantity 1: 'Clamp 1X2' (handle for figure to hold on to)
Quantity 4: 'Plate 2X2 Angle' (stands for figures)
As far as number of the Plate 1x1, I took a guess.  Most of the colors I ordered 12, but since there weren't 12 different colors, on some I ordered 30 just to be safe.  As you can see, the 2 took 14 of these plates, while the 1 takes 6.  Of course, you don't have to use 1X1 plates, you can mix and match sizes and shapes, but I didn't want to get that complex.

Clock Motor:
This is a very basic quartz clock movement.  It should be available at hobby or craft stores, as well as many sources online.  If you pay more than $10, it's probably too much.  The one I bought was number 10002 from Klockit.com.  It came with free hands which I did not use, but they were nice for sizing the holes in the Lego hands.
<p>Thank you for the great idea. It is very cool, and my friends also want this watch. They are all jealos :D </p>
Good job, although I have a question that my friend wants to know. He wants to know, does the clock work like actually tell time?
Very cool!
XD I was right
This is cool! Good job! Bet it gets featured!!! good luck!

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