I made a new ship yesterday. It's a durable little boat-that has a gun hidden in the bow! A great model for scares (hardly anyone can detect the gun first time they see it).

Also, the model is symmetrical,  so if you can't tell what one side looks like but you can tell what the other looks like, they are mirror images of each other.

Step 1: Base and First Layer

 Make sure you get the baseplates right or else the model won't fit together later.
alqosh 19793 years ago
very nice ship..and here one example of my creations
Dumchicken4 years ago
do you mean torrpedos?
DJ Radio5 years ago
How powerful is the gun?
 Look at step 7!
Not too powerful then.  Why did you have to post the message 3 times????
 Sorry about the message thing. I accidentally posted it three times because I didn't think it had posted. I only realized after the third try that it was actually working.