Introduction: Lego Winter Holiday Yard

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Learn how to make a festive holiday Lego yard.

Step 1: The Yard

Picture of The Yard

First you grab your green floor and set it down.

Step 2: The Corners

Picture of The Corners

Then you get four 2x2 lego pices make sure that they are christmas colors.

Step 3: The Presents

Picture of The Presents

Next you get a bunch of christmas color legos they can be any size and put it in the middle of your green pice.

Step 4: The Cristmas Tree

Picture of The Cristmas Tree

Then you get a black spinner and put a christmas tree right in the middle of it.

Step 5: The Chimney

Picture of The Chimney

Next you add the chimney you want it to be big so you can add red in the middle for santa.

Step 6: The Holiday Christmas Yard

Picture of The Holiday Christmas Yard

Finnaly you are done!!!!!


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