Lego & Wood Bedside Table

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I am leaving for college in a month and after shopping for dorm room items I realized I would much rather build one! After having seen some of the amazing recent 'ibles for legos I was really wanting to do something with them so I thought I'd give this a shot. Fortunately my dad saved all his legos from the 70's (the clock was also his as a kid) and as a child I was blessed with large tubs of the standard white and red pieces which were perfect for this. This is a fun, simple project and only took ~2 hours!

The table is actually much sturdier than I would have imagined. Obviously there is going to be a little wiggle without extensive drilling or support beams, but I sat on it and it held! Have fun. :)
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
This project has two parts:
LEGOS - Lots and lots. I recommend two colors for the best designs. You will also need 8 connector rods and pieces that can take these connectors (third picture).
Wood - Any will do, I just had these two pieces lying around.

Measuring Tape

Step 2: Building the Legs

Picture of Building the Legs
Take one of your shelf pieces and lay it out on the ground. On the top place an outline for where you want the legs of your table to be. I used two, close to opposite ends. In the picture you can see mine has a little 'L' shape to give it some extra stability, this is highly recommended. Add layers to this base outline until you reach your desired height. You can alternate colors and slowly shift them over with each layer to obtain a similar pattern to mine. Experiment!

Repeat the steps above and make another with a mirrored 'L' shape to go on the other side. Keep the pattern the same if possible.

Repeat this entire step for each layer of shelves you plan on using.
sickdevotee638 months ago
this will go on my blog
BABLOON14248 months ago
Whew! That's a lot of Legos!
loopyloop758 months ago
This looks really cool. Now if I had more Legos…
DIRID8 months ago
It is really cool!
Blog o internete (
Mizchief100 (author)  DIRID8 months ago

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