Lego Working Lamp, Drawer, Coaster, and Table Top.





Introduction: Lego Working Lamp, Drawer, Coaster, and Table Top.

This is my first Instructable! (Even though I have used Instructables for years) I hope you guys like it! This Instructable will include: a working lego lamp, a drawer, a coaster, and a table-top! (Lego Vader too, but he is not made of legos...)AT LEAST HE IS NOT MADE OF MEGA BLOKS!!!

Step 1: The Drawer

The first part is the drawer. Now none of these have instructions, but I will tell how I made all of them. The drawer is made to look like a lego brick (I got the pieces for the stud from a lego city fire boat set). I use the drawer for a bank but it could be used for all kinds of things like: a jewelry box or a pencil case. The way I make the drawer open and close is by putting flat lego pieces inside.

Step 2: The Coaster

The coaster is obviously the easiest part, because it is just a flat, kinda round, and gray piece (from the portal to Atlantis set). With flat lego pieces on top, in a pattern. But it is still cool and it works!

Step 3: The Table Top

The table top is the second, if not, coolest, part to this! It is made so it can fit over my little table that sits next to my bed. On the back I used lego technic pieces, to save bricks. Also on the sides I had bricks stick two studs down to keep it from falling off. I like the multi color look of the table, because it makes it look like it is made of lego, and not just a table top.

Step 4: The Working Lamp!

This is the best part. I could just tell the story of how I made the lamp. One time I was looking on the Internet for lego lamps (including Instructables). I thought "wow that would be cool to make one that worked!" So I looked in my room for about five seconds. Then I saw my lamp that was on my little table. So I got to building. It was a thin lamp so I could just build around it in my sweet pattern. It took me about 4 days to build. It was crazy hard. Really, it was hard because it kept falling apart grrrr. Anyway, after four days of work, some picture taking, and posting, here it is! PLEASE: LIKE!!!! COMMENT!!!! and most important... HIT THE VOTE BUTTON!!!!!



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    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!11!!11!111!1!11!111!1!!1!!11! YOU HAVE MY VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looks great! Voted for ya, good luck! (BTW I also own that Vader clock!)

    I forgot to add that the first time I saw the Lego lamps, on the internet, I thought it would be cool to make one just not one that worked. So after about a day of building I relised that it would be much better to make one really that woked. So then I took all of it apart(which was tuff because I got pretty far on it) and got to building the one you see in the picture.

    I looked up the "peace tea jug." is that a lamp or the brand "Peace Tea?" and if it is the brand how are you doing that? It sounds cool ether way! :)

    I would say four inches. I don't know exactly. It depends on the power of the light. Like if it is a really powerful one than I would say five inches. If it is low power then about four. Mine is a low powerd light bulb. It just depends on how bright it is, I guess.

    So how far of a distance should I make from the light bulb and the plastic?

    If you do build one. Please post it in a comment here! I would love to see it!

    Mine is about 5 inches. Really it could be maybe 4. It really does not harm the plastic. It is not like you will leave it on for days. That might hurt it, but that wouldn't happen. The light would have to be really close liken inch away to "harm" the plastic too. So, overall don't leave it on for days and don't put it right next to the plastic. I hope this helps!

    Is there a way to tell how many votes I have?
    Thanks. :)