Lego Zombie Minifigure Costume





Introduction: Lego Zombie Minifigure Costume

Check out my Etsy page for more about my LEGO minifigure costumes.

My son wanted to be a Lego minifigure for Halloween. Our family participates in the annual Denver Zombie Crawl every year, so he and I determined it might be fun if he was a Lego zombie. The annual event draws thousands of people to downtown Denver.

Step 1: Painting and Finishing.

The costume was fabricated primarily out of foam rubber and hot glue.

The face has a removable portion to reveal the zombie face.

My son wore black pants and shoes, and a blue shirt to blend in to the areas that may show where the costume pieces connected.

Step 2: All Done, Have Fun!

My son had a blast wearing this at the Denver Zombie Crawl and enjoyed all of the attention he recieved. We shot a little video to show off his costume to his out-of-state grandparents.

On Halloween, my son decided that he would rather visit the Lego store in Denver (about 45 minute drive one-way) in his costume than trick-or-treat all over the neighborhood. The staff's jaws dropped and were happy to let us take photos in the store, they even moved a minifigure statue from the window so that my son could pose with it.

When we took the photos, my son asked me to help remove the head. I thought he may have had an itch or something, but he told me that he just wanted everyone to see how happy he was. My heart melted.




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    nice costume. Do you have an instructable on how you made it?

    Check out my Etsy page for more about my LEGO minifigure costumes.

    Hi John. I am currently redesigning the costume and creating a detailed digital how-to booklet with step by step instructions, including full-scale trim patterns and materials list and cost breakdown. The booklet will very soon be available for sale online.
    Contact for more information.

    I have 9yr old triplets and a 7yr old that are crazy about Lego's and Lego Ninjago. I make there costumes every year . This is AMAZING !!!! I Would love the details if you post them. Thanks

    Check out my Etsy page for more about my LEGO minifigure costumes.

    This is wicked!! Very nice job!