Picture of Lego and Knex ninja stars
This is how to make ninja stars out of legos and knex.
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Step 1: Lego ninja star

Picture of lego ninja star
just follow the pics.

Step 2: Knex ninja star

Picture of Knex ninja star
Once again, follow the pictures.
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danicle4 years ago
so cool, you should make some samurai stuff aswell because the samurai are the coolest people ever to have lived!!!!!
nah thats da spetsnaz b cuz ballistic knife ak 74 47
get a life
get a life
exactly! =)
ryry20114 years ago
lego pointless
I am god
nerfer192 (author)  Hendrixman7777 years ago
if your god ten convince my mom+dad to get me an airsoft gun
thats what i keep asking them for but they wont get it.=(
Airsoft is the beasties. I love it more than paintball and video games combines times 2! It really is great, good gun like mine 9Not to brag) costs about $120 though. So I would keep an eye out for a sale on a full/semi automatic Mp5, the best out there.
be careful in city it illegal i found out hard way =(
nerfer192 (author)  Teriaki6 years ago
i have a paintball gun
 if you are god make that guy finish his knex mp5...

yea right *rolls eyes*
ok...'god' Make me find 100 of every knex peice in a box on my bed.
u has a pimp gamename for a username, but going commando is waaaay better
god , make me find a £ 200,000 check in my loo roll?
Then stop making it rain in Texas!!! I'm all wet!
Hmm...if I had more KNex I could mass produce these. These are cheap.
(removed by author or community request)
(removed by author or community request)
no Knex are Knex and Legos are Legos. you must be thinking of Bionicle or Technic witch are similar to Knex but are Lego brand.
knex has bricks now, they SUCK.
the k'nex tins are less than legos a 197 piece lego set is $20 and a 400 piece k'nex tin is 21 =P
here there like legos but connect diffently
nerfer192 (author)  cobaltxxxfusion7 years ago
look at the pictures
blooper286 years ago
I don't know much about ninja stuff but thats not pointy but bits still really amazing
kennyboy 26 years ago
5.0 stars i throw these at my friends in knex wars hehe lol i throw 3 at a time and the go hahaha ow hahaha and hten they fall cuz there dead in the game very useful for quick draw and throwing
First pic looks like a swastika. weird coincidence? Or Nazi brainwashing plan!
If he just took out the gray/white pieces they would be.
nerfer192 (author)  Gamernotnerd7 years ago
lol i guess ur right
Dun dun dun! D=
Oblivitus6 years ago
I made very similar ones from k'nex over a year ago only mine are one size bigger and have supports. I will take a picture sometime to show you.
Flumpkins6 years ago
Very clever, 4 1/2 and fave.
nerfer192 (author)  Flumpkins6 years ago
Yesh! Hey, I'll change that to a 5/5
Woah! Everyone in the "they like it" section's name begins with "S"
Flumpkins6 years ago
This looks like a pinwheel.
Flumpkins6 years ago
That ain't pointy. But It's still ridiculously amazing.
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