Everyone needs a good lego arsenal to back them up in the brick-battlefield, So I've built eight hand-held guns, and two mounted turrets. The images are self explanatory, so don't expect too much reading. Have fun building and destroying!

Step 1: Rifles

There are two rifles, the first being your basic semi-auto rifle, the second being the grenade-launcher.

Step 2: Snipers

Snipers are fairly easy to design and build, especially with the wide variety of small pieces in the lego system.

Step 3: Rocket Launchers

The bazooka, and the RPG. Two epic guns now available in a lego box near you!

Step 4: Gatlings

The mini Gatling and the mega Gatling are my two favorites. Both took awhile to design, but are really fun to play with!

Step 5: Turrets

The MG-turret and the Anti-Air turret. 'Nuff said.
<p>COOL!!!!!!! My favorites are Mega Gatling and MG Turret. ;)</p>
<p>I like It ALL thanks for the instructable</p>
<p>This is good</p>
I'm working on a lego game at the moment, sorry for the lack of more instructables.
cool! i like it!:)

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Bio: It's on a need to know basis, and you don't need to know.
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