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Introduction: Lego Bakugan Launcher

I diddn't want to buy a bakugan launcher for $20 at mejier, so I invented one. It's better because it shoots both sizes, it shoots farther, and it is made out of cheap legos found at home. It took me several tries but I perfected it. Now I'll show you how to make one.

Step 1: Gathering Together the Materials.

To start you will need the following: One 12 by 6 base lego,(Measured by the stumps on top) 2 regular size rectangular bricks, 2 legos that have 2 holes through them, 10 regular size rectangular thin pieces, 12 mini 2 by 1 thin rectangular pieces, 6 3 by 1 ramp pieces, 2 camera shaped blocks, 4 blocks that wheels attach to,(wheels not needed) 2 6 by 1 rods, 4 2 by 2 blocks, 8 4 by 4 blocks, 2 6 by 2 thin pieces, 2 8 by 2 rods, 1 10 by 2 thin plank, 1 medium sized rubber band,1 semi short pencil with the top cut off, 1 grip that goes on a pencil that grips a bakugan, 1 pencil top eraser, 1 skewer, and 1 bakugan.

Step 2: The Back

We'll start with the back. To make the back, get 5 of the thin 2 by 1 pieces, the 4 pieces that the wheels can attach to, the 2 6 by 1 rods, the 10 by 2 plank, 2 of the ramp pieces, and of course the base. Attach 4 of the 2 by 1's together and put them on the far right of one of the short ends on the base. Next take 1 of the 6 by 1's and put it next to the 4 2 by 1's.Take the last 2 by 1 and put it on top of the left side of the 6 by 1.Now get the blocks that attach to wheels and put 2 in a stack on both sides of the blocks. Take the other 6 by 1 and put it on top of the wheel blocks. If done correctly, the block will only have 1 grip on each wheel blocks. Next take the last long pieceand put it on top of the 6 by 1, and put the ramp pieces over 1 from each side.

Step 3: The Wall

This is where it gets tricky, so listen up. The wall is very hard. you will need 2 ramp pieces for 1 wall, 4 4 by 4's, 2 of the 2 by 2's, 4 thin 2 by 1's, 1 of the blocks with holes in it, 1 normal rectangular brick, 5 rectangular thin planks, 1 8 by 2, 1 camera piece, 1 10 by 1 rod. use the right side of the base. Take 3 1 by 2's and put them together, then take the 2 2 by 2's, attach them, and take the ramp piece and put it under the old one but above the 2 by 2's. Now take 5 of the thin regular rectangular planks, stack them up, and put them next to the 2 by 1's. take 1 six by one and put it on top of the thin rectangular plank sticking out on the back of the thin rectangular pieces. Next take 3 of the 4 by 4's and put 2 straight on top of each other and one 1 over. put those on top of the plank sticking out. get the piece with the 2 holes in it and put it on top of a thin 2 by 1 piece, and stick it onthe base in one from the edge. make shure it's up against the thin rectangular planks. this is where the regular rectangular piece comes in. put it one off of the front of the launcher. put the other 4 by 4 on top of it. on top of that take the camera piece and put it so the lens is even with the end of the 4 by might have to take it apart a little bit for the next part. take the 8 by 2 rod and put it even with the camera piece, and put it back. for this take off the top 4 by 4 piece from the stack and put on the10 by 1 on the left edge of the camera and 8 by 2 edge so its against the ramp piece on the back. take the 2 ramp pieces left and put them on the front end of the 10 by 1 beam. Repeat this proccess on the other side to make the other wall.

Step 4: Puting It in Action!

To use the bakugan launcher, take the rubber bandput in in between the 2 axles on the wheel pieces. now pull the rubber band upa nd forward, and hook it on the second 4 by 4 in the stack of 3. With an adults help cut a slit in the penciltop eraser that could fit the rubber band in it. now take the end with the top cut off and put the eraser on it. put the thing that grips the bakugan on the other end. Now I'll show you how to fire it. puth the pencil in the front end and keep pulling it back untilll the grip stops it. dont hook it to the rubber band yet. take the skewer and put it in the piece with the holes. drop a bakugan inbetween the skewer and the grip. pull the rubber band back and in the slit of the eraser. quickly pull the skewer out and the bakugan will launch. Have Fun!



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    i liked it but the pieces really didn't understand but it was good instructable :D :)

    I know blaziken321567 personally (real life nickname chuck norris), so i'll tell him if he does not get the memo.

    y didnt you use a technic rod and two pieces with holes for the trigger? that'd work better and actually ensure that the WHOLE thing is made out of legos.

    More views than you HA HA HA

    why is it dumb. oh and you misspelled dumb. look who's talking