Picture of Lego brick crocheted box
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Preamble.... I’m not a native English speaker, so forgive the mistakes. Or write to me to correct them :). Be kind.
I love Lego, I love to crochet.
I thank Lizzyastro who make the instructable for the doorstop and gave me the idea of doing this box and the permission of doing this instructable.
Given that I’ve done the box and only after I’ve wrote this instructable, I’ve used the photos taken from another box (rainbow box), but it’s the same of the Lego box, the only difference is colours and the lid.
This is my first Instructable.

You can find the Italian version here:

An old carpet, moquette, plastic sheets, cardboard or something that, when cut into pieces, can stay up alone
White fabric
Wool or cotton
Needle or sewing machine
Sewing thread
Heavy duty scissors or cutter
crochted/sewing scissors
Hook #4

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Step 1: How to prepare the stuffing

Picture of How to prepare the stuffing
Decide the measure of the box. Cut the carpet in pieces slightly littler (more or less 0,5 cm littler) than the measure you chose. I’ve done the red one and the rainbow one 11x11x7 cm.

Cut the carpet in squares and rettangles of these measure:
1 square 10,5 x 10,5 cm
1 square 11,5 x 11,5 cm
4 rectangles 10,5 x 6,5 cm

Use a set square to help you cut it.

Note: You can use plastic, if you can cut it, but I prefer something softer. If you don’t plane to use the box in bathroom or kitchen, or where it risks to be wetted, you can use cardboard.
I hadn't seen this before! They're so cute. :D

I actually found this through pinterest!
MicioGatta (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
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(removed by author or community request)
What do you mean?
vhart13 years ago
Never mind my question. Just found it here! YAY and thanks!!!
jacinta773 years ago
i cant crochet, but can the lego brick be knitted,if it can b knitted could the pattern be email to me please, email address is

thank you
MicioGatta (author)  jacinta773 years ago
Hello, I can't knit, sorry. But my ideas was inspired by lizzyastro's , maybe you can use that pattern to do the box.
I can't crochet, but I would make this in a heartbeat if I could!!
MicioGatta (author)  dragon.goes.puff3 years ago
Thanks ;)